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  • Thursday, July 10, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    Very excited to finally have this Edmontonian crew grace the Bug Incision stage. Had the pleasure of witnessing them play multiple times on their home turf (where they are an integral part of the very happening scene up there), and the witness part is key: watching these guys (that's Will Scott, Tyler Harland, and Myles Bartel) mangle & manipulate their pile of guitars, FX, and amplified is a bunch of fun in itself. In their own words:

    "Pigeon Breeders are an experimental trio, started in 2011, that specializes in free improvisation with ambient, electroacoustic, noise, and psychedelic elements. 

    Steeped in the burgeoning Edmonton noise/experimental scene, the group developed a style described as "gently unsettling ... beautiful, intelligent sonic art." The band has put out six releases for the Ramshackle Day Parade label. They have also collaborated with Calgary's Jung People, Brooklyn-based trumpeter Nate Wooley, Edmontonian guitarist Connor O'Brien (Flint, Fuck the Tundra), as well as Edmonton-based filmmaker Lindsay McIntyre." 

    http:// pigeonbreeders.bandcamp.com /
    http:// pigeonbreeders.tumblr.com/

    This made-to-order duo is comprised of two of the most solid figures in the Calgary experimental music community. Mark Fleischhaker is well-known for his karaoke terrorizations on Sundays at Broken City, his anything-goes/vocal madness solo project Terrible Crayon, semi-improvised metal trio Lord Something (in which he displays his formidable chops at the drumkit), and the brevity-obsessed hardcore (also semi-improvised) duo Faster Disco. Eric Hamelin has been making the most noise recently with Fuck Off Dad, a raging drums/guitar duo with Eddie Dalrymple (check their blasted tape on Unit Structure), but he's al Etso well-loved for his riveting solo drums & electronics sets, the unjazz trio/duo Nomoreshapes, and one-off appearances in groups with names like XL Hippie, Broken Assholes, and Used Carl. I think it's safe to say that the set will be a) raucous, b) potentially humour-laced, c) loud-ish, and d) the first time they've played as a duo.
    http:// unitstructuresoundrecording s.bandcamp.com/album/ fuck-off-dad
    https://www.youtube.com/ user/Markfly

    The duo of Ethan Vilu and Liam Zanin. The former is known for his work as Starr Party (recently played a Sled Island set), and the latter has logged work under the name Women Of Jazz. The duo describe themselves as "ritualistic harsh noise". Sounds good to me. Very excited for this Bug Incision debut. Both men have recorded for the Aught Void label, and their music can be found here: 
    http:// aughtvoid.bandcamp.com/ album/v-a-harsh-noise-waltz

    This man is not a stranger to the stage at Bug Incision shows, having performed in Garf-Jovi and alongside Yellow Circle as JC+YC. But now he is the very first person ever to be appointed as curator of between-set music at a Bug Incision show. Curry has proven himself to be an ardent and informed appreciator of a wide variety of vital music; his knowledge of Jim O'Rourke's discography alone qualifies him for the job immediately. A pen and paper is recommended, as you'll probably want to ask Jeremy what he's playing, and then write it down, so you can check out more later when you get home.


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    • Darren Williams - Reed
    • Seeded Plain - Provincial Stammer
    • Joe Morris/Fausto Sierakowski/Nigel Taylor - Part and Parcel


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