• Chris Dadge/Jonathon Wilcke: Three Live Pieces (bim-78)
  • Joe Morris/Chris Dadge/Jonathon Wilcke: Rural Optimism (bim-77)
  • Bent Spoon Trio: Nine Year Itch (bim-76)
  • Joe Morris/Rob Oxoby: Dancing With Penguins (bim-75)
  • SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2018
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    It's been a few years since drummer/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Hume has appeared at a Bug Incision event, so we're feelin' extra fine about his appearance on this night. Previous actions had been committed with such acts as kitchen-sink post-punk duo Seizure Salad, free rock titans (and Bug Incision recording artists) Burro, and his own killer solo act Pale Lobo (check his great tape on Shaking Box Music).

    The list of things with which Kevin Stebner has been involved over the years is both widely multi-faceted and staggering, so there will be no attempt here to be complete. He runs BART Records, a top-shelf tape label specializing in post-hardcore, garage, and indie rock, that must be going on 10 years old now, and via its release schedule has issued dozens of handsome, intriguing rectangles. As an artist, he's helmed heart-on-sleeve hardcore crew Stalwart Sons, Drag City-esque folk rock in Cold Water, chiptune expressionism via Greyscreen, and that's not even beginning to mention his art installations, membership in other projects, writing pursuits, and the more recent proprietorship of a backyard book store (ask him!).

    These days, if Mary Cleland isn't playing a Bug Incision show (as she did at her recent solo debut, see below), she's likely in the audience, scoping hard, or else playing in one of her myriad other projects (DJ Meat, Slut Prophet, Trigger Warming, Reflex Action). Excited to see how her slowly mutating, improvisatory electronic solo bent worms its way into some ad hoc sets.

    Andy Lehman is one of the busier drummers in town these days, as evidenced by his Sled Island scheduling commitments this year. He ably mans the tubs for acts such as Slut Prophet, Calisthenics and Soft Cure, and also appeared a few times over the years at previous Bug Incision nights, including duos with Liam Zanin and Jack Sinclaire, and we received report that recently he performed a solo drums w/ amplified fans (???) set at McHugh House.

    Mark Fleischhaker should be no stranger to Bug Incision regulars. He's been at it since longer than BI has existed, beginning with whacky tape recording experiments made back home in Saskatchewan before his move to Calgary in the 90s, snippets of which appear regularly in his solo act Terrible Crayon. Mark is an incredible self-archivist, evidenced clearly by his insane Youtube channel, and is a great collaborator, often making those alongside him sound better than they would otherwise. He is currently in the midst of recording a trio album Chris Dadge (drums) and Colin MacLeod (saxes), which should see the light of day later this year.

    David Laing was around for the birth of the Bug Incision enterprise back in 2005, when he, Chris Dadge, and Scott Munro inaugurated the label of same name, and a year later the concert series. Beginning with the Bent Spoon Ensemble (the three alongside Jun-Long (then Kevin) Lee) and then splitting into smaller trio and duo arrangements, Laing played countless shows around Alberta and BC, as well as touring in the UK in 2007. Since then he's been known for his work in Lab Coast, a rock/pop band with a number of records and international tours under their belts.

    Matt Purdue has been appearing with increasing frequency at various events around the city, often involving some sort of off-centre approach to sound-making. He's graced the Bug Incision stages a few times with the anarchic, wildly divergent collective Turner Fries Jazz Ensemble, and the group recently debuted at Without Papers pizza joint, much to the delight of the patrons, I'm sure. He also plays in a duo with Mary Cleland called Reflex Action.


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