Emmedia Screening Room
    - 351 11 Ave SW #203
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $5 cover all ages

    Craig Pedersen is trumpet player and experimental musician living in Montréal, Canada. Since 2011, Craig has released 10 albums, ranging between composed material to improvisation, through jazz, free music, country, and klezmer, in a variety of ensembles. Recent highlights of this work have included collaborations and/or performances with Joe Morris, Shayna Dulberger, Jean Derome, Joane Hetu, Lori Freedman, Nicolas Caloia, Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh (Instant Places), and Mark Molnar (Kingdom Shore). His method book exploring extended techniques for the trumpet, Trumpet Sound Effects, was published by Berklee Press and Hal Leonard in November of 2014.

    While often known collectively as either the Bent Spoon Duo (and before that Trio and Ensemble) or Mama Safari, Chris Dadge and Scott Munro have played together for over a decade, often collaborating with touring artists. During this time they've developed a very symbiotic approach to improvising that leaves a ncie room from a third to nestle right in. They've racked up hours with Jack Wright, Chris Riggs, Eric Chenaux, Eric Normand, Peter Evans, Darren Williams, Josh Zubot, Ellwood Epps, and Allison Cameron, and they've released records on Holy Cheever Church, Eh?, House of Alchemy, Total Vermin, USSR, Bug Incision, and Western Famine.

    At this point Zanin is no stranger to the Bug Incision stage. He's performed in numerous settings: recently in a group with Jeff MacGregor, Whitney Ota, and Chris Dadge, and has also appeared under the names Women Of Jazz and the collaborative duo State Buddhism. On this night Zanin will expose his recent experiments with guitar and tape loop improvisations.

    When the Bug Incision concert series first got started at the Soda on 12th avenue back in June of 2006, the idea behind first six months of the series was to invite a large number of players, who would then be grouped randomly in set group sizes; duos, trios, etc. A lot of great first-timer's action happened during these sessions, but possibly the most delicious was the trio of Peter Moller, Cody Oliver, and Lyle Pisio. Moller, mostly on drums (& extras) in this context, is well-known for his sound design work for theatre, as well as drumming with Kris Demeanor and helming his own solo projects. Cody Oliver is a blue-blooded member of the Bug Incision family who also lent a hand in Nach Hause, Bug Incision's forebear. Oliver's known for his work with Dadge in the Midnighties, as well as Chinpira (with the late Dan Meichel), and his own excellent string of solo albums (including the new one on Bug Incision, Rodent Landscapes, which will be available this night. Lyle Pisio is (aside from being a brilliant animator who work was just shown at the GIRAF fest) a multi-instrumentalist and wrangler of kinetic musicality from everyday objects who is a longtime member of Calgary's experimental music community. His list of projects includes Scum de Terre, tokyosexwhale, Street of Crocodiles, Tomato Tamato, and BookLilyDeadPosie.


  • first cassette release on Bug Incision is available now:

    - c10 w/ color covers + download - more info

    additional short c10 releases will be issued in the future, in small numbers. due to the small scale of the releases, they will be available from this site or in person only.

  • new cdr releases available now:
    • New releases in the bimm- 3" cdr series:
      • Chris Dadge - Pith
      • Benoit Hughes - Crescent Road
      • Chris Dadge - Bin 15

    • New releases in the bim- cdr series:
      • Nilan Perera & Bent Spoon Duo - s/t
      • Arrias/Munthe - Torso and Legs
      • Midnighties - With Monty
      • Scott Munro - Monty

coming soon:

  • next volume of Christian Munthe duos (with Patrick Farmer)
  • new Ursuper album
  • new Cody Oliver (of Midnighties) solo album
  • next volume of the Dan Meichel Archives (Chris Dadge Quartet Live At Beatniq)
  • archival scans of the Bug Incision presents programs from 2007-2009
  • video archive