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  • Sunday, February 1, 2015
    Broken City [613 11th Avenue SW]
    $5 cover

    The Kyle Brenders Quartet, a key ensemble in Toronto's field of creative improvised music, will tour Western Canada in January 2015. A student of luminaries Anthony Braxton and Alvin Lucier, Kyle Brenders (saxophone and clarinet) is one of Canada's outstanding composer-bandleaders whose music deftly synthesizes composition and improvisation, andcomprises rigorous formal complexity and visceral solo and group improvising. The group's latest studio recording, Offset (18th Note Records), is compelling evidence, some of the most exciting Canadian creative improvised music to be released in recent years.

    Kyle's music is, above all, a balance of forces, the harnessing of the energy and spirit of disparate influences, including the thoughtfulness of chamber music, the expressiveness of free jazz, and the energy of rock. Much like Braxton, his mentor, Kyle combines such forces in a wholly original way. He has done so in contexts ranging from solo woodwinds (Flows & Intensities, 2007), duos (with Braxton and with drummer Brandon Valdivia), his Sextet (Ways, 2009), and the 18-piece AIMToronto Orchestra (Year of the Boar, 2011), which he directs. His Quartet is the most thoroughly refined and accomplished example of his musical vision, though, a significant accomplishment in his unfolding musical career.

    The group features outstanding instrumentalists Mark Segger (drums), Heather Segger (trombone), and Wes Neal (double bass), each an accomplished composer, performer, and collaborator in numerous projects that help to underpin Toronto's burgeoning scene of creative music. Together, they form a dynamic musical bond full of rhythmic nuance and timbral variety, animating Kyle's compositions with a rare combination of precision and abandon.

    The Kyle Brenders Quartet's Western Canada tour is an excellent opportunity for fans of creative, unconventional, and uncompromising music to experience a group of this nation's finest exponents, and led by one of its most notable composers.

    http:// www.kylebrenders.ca/
    http:// kylebrenders.bandcamp.com/

    Myke Atkinson's (known to some as a former member of much-loved Calgary electronic group Azeda Booth) not-often-enough-heard solo project is an exemplary and rare display of technical litheness emotional heft. Atkinson exhibits a masterful control of his guitar, effects, and looping techniques; from this he unfurls wonderfully detailed, thick slabs of processed sound. This project doesn't make the rounds too often, not to be missed!

    https://soundcloud.com/ beneath-these-idle-tides

    One of the most reliably exciting groups in the city, Burro is a improvising rock power trio. Whitney Ota (Yankee Yankee, Dada Centauri, co-operator of the excellent Unit Structure Sound Recordings label) occupies the upper territories of this band's sonic architecture, slathering his bandmates in washes of feedback, delay, and impassioned riffing. The thing is held together by Stew Elton (of No River and Dundas fame), whose propulsive bass playing grounds the riotous drumming of Andrew Hume (Ashley Soft, Dada Centauri, Pale Lobo, Seizure Salad), whose drumming in the last few years has developed into one of the most interesting and recognizable styles in the city. 

    http:// unitstructuresoundrecording s.bandcamp.com/album/ tangerine-rising

    AND >> Jeremy Curry will be manning the decks between sets, playing you a bewildering selection of top-shelf tracks.


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