• FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2016
    Emmedia Screening Room - 351 11 Ave SW #203
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $5 cover all ages

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    As of this date, Emmedia in its current location will be shutting its doors for the holidays, and then they'll be packing up the operation in anticipation of their 2017 relocation. We've had an amazing run of years at this fantastic space, it will be sorely missed by Bug Incision and many other independent concert producers, and we look forward to the next chapter at the new space in Sunatla. Please do what you can to make it down to this momentous event!

    This trio, comprised of Peter Moller, Cody Oliver, and Lyle Pisio, first played together during the first six months of Bug Incision concerts back at the Soda in August of 2006. They also individually offer three of the richest histories in Calgary's avant-garde music scene. Moller, a muti-instrumentalist who usually focuses on drums and percussion in this group, has been instigating musically adventurous activities in Calgary since the late '70s. He produced concerts for the likes of the Derek Bailey/Evan Parker duo (see Cody Oliver's fridge for proof) and, with guitarist Randy Hutton, recorded an amazing duo album of free improv, Ringside Maisie, on the Canadian free jazz/improv label Onari in the early '80s. He also played in the Rip Chords and was a central part of Calgary's independent music during that decade. (Check out his website for lots of hep archival materials.) Since then he's worked on a ton of theatre sound design projects (snagging a good handful of awards along the way), design work (Calgary Folk Music Fest is a well-ogled one), and can be seen frequently as a member of Kris Demeanor's Crack Band. Cody Oliver, another of those multi-instrumentalist types, is often seen mangling an electric guitar, but more recently he's also been caught abusing an upright bass, and one time even an electric one. He's done all of these things alongside the likes of Eugene Chadbourne, Darren Williams, Scott Munro, Jonathon Wilcke, Eric Hamelin, Chad VanGaalen, and others. And to top it off, he's been recording prolifically, sharpening his warped vision of the pop song. He appears occasionally alongside Bug Incision founder Chris Dadge in the Midnighties, and recently released a solo album, Rodent Landscapes, on the label. Lyle Pisio - yes, another multi-instrumentalist, although mostly sax-ing here - is part of a rich continuum of musicians in Calgary which stretches back to the early '90s, includes musicians such as Mark Dicey, the late Dan Meichel, Peter Stinson, Janet Turner, and Bob Dawkins, and encompassed groups like Street of Crocodiles, Tomato Tomato, Scum de Terre, tokyosexwhale, and Super Deluxe Gas Jockey (an early Bug Incision bim- release). Pisio is also an amazing animator whose work in this field should be scoped immediately right here. These three have a strong handle on the timing, sense of humour, and generousity of spirit needed to pull off their wide-ranging, tempestuous brand of improvising, and it's a pleasure to have them spew their stuff all over this classic Emmedia room one last time. UPDATE: This trio will be upgraded to quartet status with the addition of Mark Fleischhaker as special guest. Fleischhaker is well-known to those Calgary listeners with an open ear to the ground; he's regularly seen upending karaoke conventions at Broken City, drums for metal-ers Norwegian Icebreaker and Lord Something (with Scott Munro and Chris Dadge), and has issued a lot of material under his Terrible Crayon guise. Curious folks should check out his insane Youtube channel for more. He's an excellent improvisor, malleable as hell, and he will be a perfect addition to this trio.

    Despite this show being the debut of this particular trio on the Bug Incision stage, the bulk of its membership is comprised of veritable blood brothers as far as the BI family concerned. Eric Hamelin has been on the scene since before the birth of the series, and once it started up, he became a central figure, soon meeting up with Jay Crocker and starting the classic fake jazz trio Nomoreshapes. The astute observer will also count Chad VanGaalen, Crun, Ghostkeeper, and Sleepkit among the groups that have been elevated by Hamelin's graceful percussion stylings. Saxophonist Jonathon Wilcke has in recent years become an integral part of Bug Incision operations, both as a key organizer and also a consistent presence on the stage. He's appeared in a duo with Chris Dadge many times in the last couple years, has issued a few killer solo & group recording on his own Uncanadian Activities label, and worked for many years in Vancouver alongside the likes of Shane Krause, Dave Chokroun, Darren Williams, and others. The trio is rounded out by double bassist Rob Oxoby, known around town as a member of the Bobby Kork Orchestra and Muerte Pan Alley (featuring Bob Keelaghan and Jay Wooley of Agnostic Mountain... fame). I do believe this is the first appearance of Oxoby on the BI stage, following a failed attempt to get something together at Weeds many years ago. This trio spent the earlier part of 2016 working out their group concept at PRLR most Wednesday nights, where they would ruthlessly investigate all corners of their eclectic songbook. Excited to see some local explorations of the jazz universe for this final black room show.

    In a first-time Bug Incision appearance, we are pleased to present the solo music of Edmonton's TJ Sokoluk. A few months back, Sokoluk got in touch about booking his noise act Virgins, and in the time it took the Bug Incision offices to get back to him, that unit had folded, but the solo vehicle remained standing. Self-described as "a hypno-chaotic translation of the fractured mind, TJ Sokoluk proudly hails from Edmonton AB and intends to sonically disrupt and display beauty." Well, that sounds fine to us! And if you're inclined to do a little pre-show snooping, you'd be advised to head over to his bandcamp.


    The birth of Bug Incision goes hand in hand with the long-inactive group known as the Bent Spoon Trio. Originally starting life as the Bent Spoon Ensemble (alongside guitarist/spoken word-ist Kevin Lee, known to many currently as artist/filmmaker Jun-Long Lee), the trio of David Laing (alto sax, Laingdon, etc), Scott Munro (upright bass, trombone, etc), and Chris Dadge (percussion, etc) started Bug Incision back in 2005 as a means to release their debut album March 3, 2005 (which The Wire magazine called "35 minutes of continuous Improv of a very high order"). They went on to record a bunch more albums, in stairwells at ACAD, tunnels in Confederation Park under 10th street, and art galleries in Victoria. Around 2007-8 they began to fracture into two duos: the Dadge/Laing faction, which toured the UK in 2007 and shared stages with the likes of Evan Parker, John Russell, Peter Evans, Mick Beck, Simon Rose, Tatsuya Nakatani, Alex Neilson; and the Dadge/Munro faction, which went to develop into their own unique amalgamation of stringed instruments, scrappy brass playing, sampling keyboards, percussion, and electronics. They played and recorded with the likes of Eric Chenaux, Chris Riggs, Nilan Perera, Eric Normand, and were recently mentioned in The Wire magazine's primer on the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, locating their playfully abstract explorations as part of the continuum set out by the legendary UK improvising group. The last time the group played as a trio was probably around 2008 or so, and since then the members have been busy: Munro has been shredding stages and ears around the world for the last few years as one quarter of the celebrated post-punk titans Preoccupations (FKA Viet Cong), and has additionally also logged many hours with Chad VanGaalen, Ghostkeeper, Lab Coast, Mama Safari (with Dadge), among others; Dadge has continued to steer the Bug Incision enterprise, recently celebrating 10 years' worth of concerts, can be frequently spotted playing in duos with Cody Oliver (as The Midnighties) and Jonathon Wilcke (the two have a forthcoming Bug Incision release), and works with Lab Coast, Chad VanGaalen, Samantha Savage Smith, and various dance outfits and visual artists; and Laing has been busy churning out pop melodies for all time as the singer, co-saxophonist, sometime guitarist, and principal compositional force behind the much-loved Calgary indie-pop band Lab Coast.

    Devin Friesen is one of the city's premiere guitar explorers, using FX, preparations, and a keen compositional sensibility, all evident across his work as Bitter Fictions, in the Friesen-Waters Duo, and with his excellent Shaking Box Music label. Nathaniel Schmidt (heard here) is known as a pianist, composer, and writer, logging hours with organizations such as the Kensington Sinfonia, Timepoint Ensemble, Dancing Monkey Laboratories, and the National Music Centre. Nate Waters, an accomplished saxophonist, guitarist, drummer, and songwriter, easily straddles the gaps between jazz (with his own groups and one-off appearances around the city), pop (with his excellent old band the Cable Knits), and - as a member of the city's boundary-pushing fringe-pursuers - improvised music, in the celebrated Friesen-Waters Duo. Whitney Ota, a multi-instrumentalist who is here slated to play guitar and saxophone, has been issuing prime slices of avant-oriented action for the better part of a decade now, often seen under the guises Yankee Yankee (his ever-morphing solo act), Burro (a scorching free rock trio), Dada Centauri, and also has released many fine albums into the world via his involvement in the Unit Structure Sound Recordings label.


  • new releases available now:

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