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  • SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 2024
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $15 cover at the door, CASH ONLY

    Jairus Sharif / Chris Dadge / Dan Gaucher TRIO
    Secret Lady Project (Nia Devetzis, Laura Jones, Kelsey Noble, Holly DeCaigny)
    Mark Limacher / Eric Svilpis / Gus Rendell TRIO

    Jairus Sharif / Chris Dadge / Dan Gaucher TRIO
    This one-off trio is taking advantage of the temporary presence of drummer Dan Gaucher, back in Alberta for a short spell to perform with AJ Benoit for the release of her latest record. Ex-Calgarian (who then kept time for acts like Shecky Forme and Aaron Booth) now based in Vancouver, Gaucher is a traveled and in-demand musician, known for his work with the critically-acclaimed group SICK BOSS, the October Trio, Fond of Tigers, and many more. Chris Dadge is known to many in the Calgary community as the founder and main operator of Bug Incision, a drummer/percussionist for a vast array of pop (Samantha Savage Smith, Chad VanGaalen, to name but two) and avant garde (Circular Sparrow, Wilcke/Dadge duo, ad hoc playing with the likes of Joe Morris, Jason Kahn, Eugene Chadbourne, and Tim Olive) projects. Aside from the drums, Dadge also counts the amplified violin among his arsenal (which can be heard to great effect in the duo Cryingsnice with Eric Hamelin), which will be sparring with the FX-laden saxophone of Jairus Sharif. Over the last few years, Sharif has become one of the most celebrated new voices in experimental music, thanks to his Telephone Explosion Records-released LP Water & Tools and his impassioned live performances.

    Secret Lady Project
    Saxophonist Holly DeCaigny, percussionist Nia Devetzis, vocalist/guitarist Laura Jones, and flautist Kelsey Noble are the Secret Lady Project, collective of performer-composers who explore various compositional frameworks, notational systems, and approaches to contemporary new music. Some of the busiest and most in demand musicians in town, straddling orchestral and chamber work in the classical music realm, education, and theatre, the quartet made their debut at Bug Incision last year, and we are pleased to present them once again.

    Mark Limacher / Eric Svilpis / Gus Rendell TRIO
    In the classic spirit of free improv ad hoc groupings, we are pleased to present the first-time meeting of three individuals who together criss-cross quite a few different realms of musical activity in Calgary. Some of them know each other, others do not, and the three of them have certainly never played together. Mark Limacher is a composer and pianist, known for his minimal, hypnotic compositions and on-the-money playing in a variety of jazz combos, including the acclaimed duo with singer Caity Gyorgy. He will be playing a keyboard at this show. Eric Svilpis plays in a ton of bands around town, including one memorably named Pizza Bath, and he's an accomplished engineer, having helmed records for more bands than it's possible to list here. He will be playing a guitar on this night. Gus Rendell is a veritable man about town, most commonly seen as the drummer and one of the singers in Brain Bent, one of the city's finest punk rock ensembles, or as a singer and guitarist in Cheer, an excellent garage psych combo with a new release on the horizon. Gus will be playing a keyboard as well.

    ++ between-set music provided by DJ Jeremy Curry


Monicker: Libr'aerie

A trio of Scott Thomson (trombone), Arthur Bull (guitar), and Roger Turner (percussion) recorded live in concert.

Cryingsnice: All Greased Up For Nothin'

The debut studio recordings from Eric Hamelin (drums, percussion) and Chris Dadge (violin).

Collateral: s/t

A reissue of the tour-only disc from this killer trio featuring Sam Shalabi (guitar, oud), Norm Adams (cello), and Tim Crofts (piano). Recorded live in concert.

Emily Davis/Christopher Riggs/George Romaine: Extinction Burst

A new disc from the world of Chris Riggs, featuring a brutal conceptual piece for guitar, drums, and piano.

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In January of this year, we began work on the Bug Incision Archives, which will round up all audio, video, & photo documentation, press coverage, and promotional materials relating to the Bug Incision Presents concert series, dating back to early 2006.

While this archive will undoubtedly result in some new documentation being available to the general public, the main goal is for it to be accessible to its participants (the artists and documenters) for their own uses, while also providing a thorough overview of the series' activities for internal purposes.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Bug Incision has a huge archive of materials in its possession currently, but there are holes all over the 14 year history, not to mention more and potentially better-quality iterations of existing event documentation. If you have any photos, videos, or audio recordings of Bug Incision Presents concerts, we would be very interested in getting our hands on them for inclusion in the archive.

For information on how to get us these media items, as well as information on privacy, credits, and more details about the planned usage of materials, please email: bugincision@gmail.com

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