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  • Thursday, April 24, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    thingNY (USA) perform scenes from This Takes Place Close By
    This Takes Place Close By is a new theatrical work-in-progress from New York experimental music collective thingNY. Developed and performed by thingNY's composer-performers, Gelsey Bell, Andrew Livingston, Paul Pinto, Erin Rogers, Dave Ruder and Jeffrey Young, This Takes Place Close By is a set of operatic meditations on the difficulty of talking about natural disasters from a geographical and temporal distance. In this concert version, the work explores the eerie and the absurd through instrumental and sonic soundscapes, song and whispered speech, disjointed sentences and linguistic play, and offers a look at the mediating technologies that enable us to spectate as other parts of the world are destroyed, as well as a critical perspective on how those technologies shape and separate us. Scenes revolve around the themes of darkness, quietness, and loneliness, exploring the private terrors of those trapped in wreckage, the confusion of loved ones and spectators, and the cynicism of those who see the destruction as romantic desolation. The piece will be developed over the next year, leading to a theatrical run in New York in 2015. This is thingNY's first time performing in Canada.

    Calgary's finest free rock trio comprises the intuitively sound rock-power-trio extrapolations of Whitney Ota (guitar), Stew Elton (bass), and Andrew Hume (drums). The three have all been orbiting around each other outside of this configuration, and have all achieved wonderous results from their own solo forays. Ota is known as one of the brains behind the venerable Unit Structures Sound Recording label, has churned out many great sides as Yankee Yankee, and in tandem with Elton in the texturally-inclined duo Dundas. Elton has, aside from that duo, also recorded solo under the name Bound, to excellent effect. Hume has logged hours alongside Britt Proulx in the panaromic genre-melding duo Seizure Salad, and also quietly released a killer tape on Shaking Box Records. If you've had the pleasure of seeing this trio live or hearing on them record more than once, you'll be able to attest to their remarkable ability to avoid stale, rote routinery in their improvisations, something that is tough to do in this particular sandbox.

    The duo of Chris Dadge and Cody Oliver was set to be retired for eternity after the latter set down his six-string in favour of his burgeoning talents behind the lens. To those in the know, he's pumped out a serious world of amazing film photography, including his own in-your-face take on the classic street photography style, and a series of arresting portraits. Before that, he reigned supreme as one of the city's finest guitar manglers, playing with Darren Williams, Ron de Jong, Eugene Chadbourne, MOP trio with Peter Moller and Lyle Pisio, and all manner of ad hoc activities.Midnighties, his duo with Bug Incision head Chris Dadge on amplified percussion, cut one razor-sharp disc a few years ago, they played a great string of shows (including one forthcoming trio set with Scott Munro) and then hung it up. Well, Oliver has been at it again as of January this year, making appearances at ad hoc sessions and large ensembles across the city. Glad to be back in action.


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