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    National Music Centre - 134 11th Ave SE
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $7 cover, 18+

    Extremely excited to be presenting this international quartet, hot off their appearance at the legendary FIMAV festival in Quebec. Not very often does Calgary get treated to players on this level of the game, folks who have been running with some of the best in the business over the last number of years. Also excited to debut Bleach Wipes, a trio dealing in wet & wild electronic pulse jams, and always excited to have Jonathon Wilcke play a solo set.


    Kaze is a quartet of world-class improvising musicians, two hailing from France, and the other two from Japan. If the group name, which has been making waves internationally since their formation in 2010, is not immediately recognizable to the Bug Incision audienceship, then perhaps a bit of background on each of the members will incite the due levels of excitement:

    Satoko Fujii is a pianist who splits her time between Japan and Berlin, and is active in a wide variety of musical settings, from folk and jazz forms, incorporating influences from contemporary rock and new music equally. This eclectic makeup has led to a dizzying array of projects with musicians from all over the world; her trio with Jim Black and Mark Dresser, two of New York’s most distinguished and in-demand rhythm sections players, released seven critically acclaimed albums between 1997 and 2008, on labels such as Cadence, Tzadik, and Enja; her duo Toh-Kichi is shared with Ruins’ Tatsuya Yoshida; and other collaborators include John Hollenbeck, Chris Speed, Myra Melford, Steven Bernstein, and Tony Malaby.

    Natsuki Tamura is a trumpeter, also from Japan, and also involved in unique constellation of projects. Aside from his duo with pianist (and wife) Satoko Fujii, membership in Larry Och’s Sax and Drumming Core, a trio with Fujii and drummer John Hollenbeck called Junk Box, and occasional solo performances, Tamura also leads Gato Libre, an ambitious melding of European folk music and more abstract handlings of sound. Of Tamura’s work, the BBC has said “Imagine Don Cherry woke up one morning, found he'd joined an avant goth-rock band and was booked to score an Italian horror movie.”

    Drummer Peter Orins emerged (after studying with the likes of the great Fred Van Hove, among others) from the late 90s jazz scene in France, working closely with a number of innovative collectives such as Circum and CRIME, which later fed into his role as artistic director of the Muzzix collective. His work ranges from free-rock groups to solo improvisations and work with Hué/Circum, a combined grouping of French improvisors and traditional Vietnamese musicians. Other collaborators include Nate Wooley, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Dave Rempis, Jeb Bishop, Michael Zerang, and Radu Malfatti.

    Christian Pruvost is a trumpeter, based in France, who is pushing the edges of what can be done with the instrument. Like his contemporaries such as Wooley, Evans, Hautzinger, and Dörner, Pruvost routinely renders the trumpet all but unrecognizable, and can be heard doing this to great effect in PCM Bla∫t (a brass trio with trombone and tuba), a duo with bassist Nicolas Mahieux, the Arsis quartet, and Ziph, a collective of balloon-membrane-horn players. He is the co-director of Round The World Of Sound, a Muzzix Collective-based band working on the Moondog madrigals, and has collaborated with (among others) Axel Dörner, Otomo Yoshihide, Cor Fuhler, John Edwards, and Tony Buck.

    The quartet’s music is full-force. Dense, relentless and endlessly inventive, it sounds at times like classic 70s blowouts on FMP records, with an updated approach to some of the instrumental techniques and some compelling composed elements amongst the hard blowing. Truly a fusion of the four distinct voices in the group, and very much worth checking out this month. The group is performing a select number of western Canadian dates following their appearance at the prestigious Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in Quebec.



  • Reedsman Jonathon Wilcke has been based in Calgary for the last few years, after spending the better part of the decade in the more ferocious end of Vancouver’s pool of improvisors. There, he was involved in various projects and groupings, often playing with the likes of fellow saxophonists and Bug Incision recording artists Shane Krause and Darren Williams, as well as many fruitful outings with bassist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Dave Chokroun. Wilcke has combined a well-rounded musical vocabulary - drawing from jazz, contemporary composition, and various lineages of free improvisation - with a high level of proficiency in the outer ranges of his instrument’s possibilities. Usually seen on the tenor saxophone, Wilcke in Calgary can be seen frequently collaborating with Chris Dadge, Cody Oliver, Eric Hamelin, and Scott Munro, and within the past few years issued two very worthwhile solo outings on his own Akashic Record imprint. His work as a solo performer is stellar; he flits between rigorous technical playing and more impulsive moments, all of which is delivered with killer tone and a supple handle on numerous extended techniques.




  • JUNE 10, 2015
    Emmedia Screening Room - 351 11 Ave SW #203
    Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30pm
    $5 cover all ages



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