turns 10 years old: 2 nights in Calgary

    NIGHT #1 :: SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2016
    Vintage Room at the GRAND (608 1 St SW - small room adjacent the 2nd floor bar)
    Doors at 8:00pm, music starts at 8:30pm
    $10 cover (includes free 10th Anniversary Commemorative Zine + CD-R)

    One of the preeminent forward-thinking percussionists working today, Nakatani has amassed a massive list of collaborators, an exhaustive international touring schedule, and a huge, wonderous, gem-filled discography. Hailing originally from Osaka, Japan, Nakatani has been based in the United States since the mid-1990s, and has played with many of the vanguard players in the American scene including the MAP Trio (with Mary Halvorson and Reuben Radding), his duo with Eugene Chadbourne (check out the amazingly weird Country Boobs album), and Nmperign (aka Bhob Rainey and Greg Kelley), alongside collaborations with Jack Wright, Jason Lescalleet, Nate Wooley, Assif Tsahar, Billy Bang, and Frank Lowe. And he is a frequent visitor to Europe and Asia, where he has worked with Makoto Kawabata, Peter Kowald, Michel Doneda, Frank Gratkowski, David Stackenas, and Bug Incision recording artist Christian Munthe. In addition to his strictly musical activities, he builds fine custom bows, and has recently started a documenting his highly economical (and apparently delicious) on-the-road culinary habits via his excellent Youtube channel (alongside many other interesting tidbits). Here's a statement from his very informative website, which is worth perusing at length:

    " He has created his own instrumentation, effectively inventing many instruments and extended techniques. He utilizes drums, gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, metal objects, bells, and various sticks and bows to create an intense, intuitively primitive, expressive music of unusually strong spirit that defies category or genre. His music is based in improvised/experimental music, jazz, free jazz, rock, and noise, yet retains the sense of space and beauty found in traditional Japanese folk music."

    Rebecca Bruton is a composer, vocalist and violinist based in Vancouver, BC (Unceded Coast Salish Territories). A thoroughly arresting performer and musical conceptualist, both on stage on record, her work encompasses avant-pop, improvisation, new music, noise, and sound art. Her duo with Candian-Icelandic poet a rawlings, Moss Moss Not Moss, explores the territory between noise and sound-poetry, and recently appeared at the wellspring of creative new music that is Tectonics Festival Glasgow. As Rebecca Flood, she's issued two gorgeous studio albums that explore a hybridized form of folk, pop, and classical music, and are quite wonderfully singular and highly recommended. On this night, Bruton will perform solo, presenting a set of "heavily-orchestrated cassette-tape jazz + screaming."

    This is the solo project of Whitney Ota (also of Burro, Dada Centauri, and Form), one of Calgary's most consistently rewarding performers working in the intersecting realms of noise, rock, kosmiche, and synth-heavy electronic music. This long-running vehicle has been releasing intriguing albums for the better part of a decade now, and witnessing Ota refine his solo vision has been treat both on record and live. Many of his releases have been issued on his excellent Unit Structure Sound Recordings label, which has also birthed many other winning titles from a variety of local and international players. His dense, detailed synth and electronic explorations as Yankee Yankee are a highlight of any bill he's on, and this one, in this intimate space, should prove to be no exception.

    NIGHT 2 :: SUNDAY, AUGUST 21, 2016
    Local 510 (510 17th Ave SW)
    Sets start at 8:00pm, end at 11:00pm
    No cover
    , free 10th Anniversary Commemorative Zine + CD-R on hand

    Psychic Pollution is the solo vehicle of Jzero Schuurman, a multi-instrumentalist & activity-instigator, currently based in Victoria, BC, who has been making work with some of the more potent experimentalists in western Canada for the better part of a couple decades, as well as releasing a lot of music via his Eat Glass Records. He's worked with the likes of Lucid 44, Gutterawl, Jane Vain & The Dark Matter, and since his move from Calgary to the island, he's been heavily involved in the fifty-fifty Arts Collective, been working with various musicians around town, as well as acts like Golden Hand and Scar and Scarves. This appearance in Calgary is part of a full, one-man Canadian tour for Schuurman, who will be bringing his highly psychedelic blend of kosmiche music, ambient minimalism, and noise to Calgary for the first time in years. Of his latest album, released earlier this year, Ride The Tempo says "Not just anyone can take a jab at composing songs in the style of the early Berlin School of Music, it takes serious fluency, and Tanz Für Dunklen Seelen shows Psychic Pollution’s mastery in precision".

    Wilcke and Dadge have been making a habit of playing together as often as possible since the former's return to Calgary in 2012. Prior to that move, Wilcke - a multi-reedist whose axes include alto & tenor sax and clarinet - spent the better part of the last decade based in Vancouver, entrenched in that city's vibrant experimental music scene. He played frequently with the likes of Shane Krause, Rachael Wadham, Dave Chokroun, and many others. Since moving here, Wilcke has been honing a fantastic solo mode, leading a jazz-oriented trio with bassist Rob Oxoby and drummer Eric Hamelin, and sitting in frequently with Dadge and guitarist Cody Oliver's Midnighties duo. Dadge has been playing and putting together improvised music events in Calgary for over a decade (see Commemorative Zine for the full story), working in groups such as the Bent Spoon Ensemble/Trio/Duos (with Jun-Long Lee, David Laing, and Scott Munro) the aforementioned Midnighties, Raw Kites (with Shane Krause), The Musk Cup (with Munro and the late, great Dan Meichel), and a variety of one-off encounters with the likes of Mats Gustafsson, Peter Evans, Eric Chenaux, Jack Wright, Eugene Chadbourne, Chris Riggs, John Oswald, Ellwood Epps, Scott Thomson, Allison Cameron, Fossils, and others. They play together using a mixed & shared vocabulary of "non-idiomatic" improvisation, jazz & free jazz, minimalism, humour, and, on a good day, strong listening skills and an ever-deepening musical rapport.

    This excellent duo made their debut on the Bug Incision stage last year, Dan Wilson (The Northwest Passage, among many others) playing a laid-down, heavily FX'd baritone guitar, cymbal, and snare drum (and possibly a hihat?), and Jason Philip Wierzba viciously attacking an amplified acoustic guitar. Together they made quite a nuanced racket, resisting the potential awkwardness of the instrumentation through a relentless forward motion. Nice stuff! This time they've ditched the snare and brass, and will be going head to head on their respective six-strings (Dan's still a bari, Wierzba's now a Rickenbacker). Also: the pronunciation of their name, which is "double double u", is a sly nod to some diverting historical minutiae Wierzba stumbled across in a book about the radical labour union group Industrial Workers of the World.


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