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  • Thursday, August 28, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    PALE LOBO >>> Andrew Hume is known for involvement in such stellar units as the anything-goes hardcore/psych duo Seizure Salad, free rock power trio Burro, and the more textually-inclined Dada Centauri (with Whitney Ota). Pale Lobo, his solo guise, has one tape out, on Devin Friesen's Shaking Box Records, and it's a collection of rickety rhythmic constructs, surrounded by a fog of keys and FX. And it's very good, so we're excited to see it live.

    Music: palelobo.bandcamp.com/

    MOLENA >>> From the UK/Vancouver, BC, Molena has been performing since 2008 and recently played at the Vancouver Noise, Victoria Noise, and Dark Light festivals. Other recent highlights include a collaboration with the Rita. Reportedly the group's sound includes "harsh sounds involving chains, metal, contact mic's and white noise with occasional screamed tracts of hatred." Sounds good. Check it here:https://soundcloud.com/ molena

    JONATHON WILCKE & NIKKI REIMER >>> Well, there are things known about these two. These things include: NR writes and publishes some very good, interesting poetry, and so does JW. Additionally, it is known that JW also plays various wind instruments, including the saxophone, with great flair and precision, and is easily the city's most interesting player of such instruments. But, we're not 100% sure of what these two will do for their debut performance on the BI stage. 
    NR: http://reimerwrites.com/
    JW: http://www.amazon.com/ Dupe-Jonathan-Wilcke/dp/ 0978498194 (sorry JW, it's only link I could find!)

    QUINN EM >>> Quinn is one of the newer faces to the Bug Incision stages, often seen playing the clarinet or working out the possibilities offered by the prepared guitar. Very pleased to present a solo on this night.

    And, in what has been one of the most excellent additions to the Bug Incision experience, Jeremy Curry will be once again playing a carefully curated selection of really great music between sets.


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    • Darren Williams - Reed
    • Seeded Plain - Provincial Stammer
    • Joe Morris/Fausto Sierakowski/Nigel Taylor - Part and Parcel


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