• SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $7 cover

    i.o + Ethan Bokma + Jack Sinclaire

    Formed in 2014, i.o is the music of Victoria multi-instrumentalist and multi-media artist Maxwell Patterson. To call i.o just "a solo project" would be a disservice to both just how fanatically dedicated he is to his craft, and also does little to suggest the full-on approach of this music, which conjures much more sound than the average single human on stage. His live set features an incredibly raw display of drumming virtuosity and physical stamina set against an intricately emotive back drop of densely layered guitars and other-worldly soundscapes. The result is an engaging constellation of influences drawing from math rock, noise rock, ambient, electronica, avant garde, and countless other genres. In the five short years he has been active i.o boasts an impressive discography of over 70 self released digital records and has shared the stage with such notable acts as Wolf Eyes, Nadja, Shearing Pinx, and Crosss. i.o has two forthcoming LPs slated with critically acclaimed, cutting edge experimental music labels Purple Tape Pedigree (NYC) and digital collective Quantum Natives.

    Ethan Bokma

    Edmonton-based bass clarinetist Ethan Bokma will be presenting "Agape Mountain", a "constantly evolving, mostly-improvised composition" and will be joined by Bug Incision's own Chris Dadge. Bokma is best known for his work with the groups Family Injera and Holy Drone Travelers, the latter of which just played a well-received set opening for The Comet Is Coming at this year's Sled Island. This piece features open-ended instrumentation options, and Bokma's bass clarinet and drones will be joined by Dadge's percussion.

    Jack Sinclaire
    Sinclaire will be no stranger to attendees of Bug Incision shows over the last three, four, or five years or so. He has appeared in countless groups over the years, played extensively with the Turner Fries Jazz Ensemble, and has been a key contributor to the Bug Incision "ad hoc ensemble" evenings, firing up many a combo with his violent, restless, and constantly evolving playing style. Usually this involves a mandolin that's seen better days, dressed up with all manner of extrapolatory metal devices, and crudely amplified. It creates a highly tactile sound palette, and it is to Sinclaire's credit that he is able to work it - rather successfully at times - into so many multi-hued situations. For this solo set, he's going to be adding a simultaneously-played acoustic guitar, which will be interesting for a variety of possible reasons.

    Some unrelated music of Jack's to check out here:


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Chris Dadge/Jonathon Wilcke
Three Live Pieces


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