musk cup
tinned mind, tinned breath

The cdr edition of this release is out of print.

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THE MUSK CUP – Tinned Mind, Tinned Breath

The Musk Cup are Chris Dadge, Danny Meichel and Scott Munro. The sense of camaraderie heard since the beginning of this acerbically jangling trio set – “the first-ever session from this long-in-the-pipeline Calgary improve supergroup”, as per the press release’s presentation – delineates a comprehensive translation of the multiform possibilities of instrumental employment. And the timbres to choose from are indeed many: the little orchestra comprises in fact drums, saxes, clarinets, flutes, trombone, basses, voices, noises, objects “and a bunch of other stuff”. The general sound is somehow associable to several projects related to Bryan Day’s Public Eyesore imprint: erratic turns and hasty reports from the galaxy of dirty overtones often making room for quite a few moments of deadpan expurgation of noise, a never-overfastidious rationalization of an otherwise extremely unmanageable creative flux. Lively, attractive but at the same time even-handed music, suitable for different utilizations. A lovely disc.

Massimo Ricci


from Foxy Digitalis:

'Tinned Mind, Tinned Breath' is one 40 minute track, mixing semi-free jazz, (atonal horns) ambient silence, oddly placed percussion and plucked string instruments. The trio recorded on cassette in Calgary in April 2007, and this is track is the first result of that session.

For a cassette that has obviously been retouched, the sound is clear and sharp; the power of the music and sublte changes in tone are evident.

The trio of Chris Dadge on percussion, Dan Meichel on horns and bassist Scott Munro?are all veterans of the Calgary improv/jazz scene, and originally got together for rehearsals for a radio broadcast. This track was too good to let go unrecorded, so here it is, in a neat limited edition of 90. The structure of the tune is such that each is allowed time with the piece, to explore or advance tempo at will. That they are all skilled improvisers helps account for the ease with which volume and space are varied, and with how cohesive the track sounds.

Even those who have little patience for forty minute jazz tracks can appreciate 'Tinned Mind, Tinned Breath'. As The Musk Cup, Dadge, Meichel and Munro hear each other and the possibilities of the rhythm at once, and create a solid, passionate improv as a result.

Mike Wood