chris dadge
i'd drive your ass across the world, if i had to

The cdr edition of this release is out of print.

The reissue on Brokenresearch is out of print.

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CHRIS DADGE – I’d Drive Your Ass Across The World, If I Had To

Wonderful title indeed. A 30-minute set of “solo drumset improvisations with subtle and occasional amplification", which at a first glance I compared to the studio-generated, Edgard Varese-influenced tiny percussive outbursts found in many and one records by Frank Zappa. Those accelerated rolls and minuscule, apparently disheveled structures are played by Dadge in real time without any external contribution, making us appreciate his unsparing attitude towards the instrument. He’s also intelligent enough to leave space for consideration, avoiding deplorable free-for-alls and pseudo-intrepid attempts ending in utter tediousness typical of the large part of percussion-only improvisational efforts. Half a hour is a correct length for my ears in this case, and the almost perfect balance between skin, wood and metal-derived timbres is definitely cherished.

Massimo Ricci

From Volcanic Tongue:

Solo percussion side from this excellent Canadian drummer/thinker. Dadge has a fleet, needling style that would transpose Milford Grave’s multi-pulse work to a looser, more thought-paced setting, working in bursts of propulsion and single emphatic sound events. On Ben Hall and Hans Buetow’s label, with silkscreened sandpaper sleeves, numbered edition of 100. (David Keenan)