storm of corpses
bite your tongue

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Storm of Corpses - excerpt from Bite Your Tongue by bugincision


Well, with a name like that you know you're not in for a leisurely stroll through the sunlit uplands of EAI, don't you? This rough-and-tumble live set recorded in concert at the appropriately named Art Damage Lodge in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the work of a seven-piece local supergroup (I was recently warned against using this word by the powers that be at Wire HQ because it was too "rockist", though I don't think anyone is likely to confuse these cats with the Travelling Wilburys, somehow) starring C. Spencer "Burning Star Core" Yeh, Ryan "Psychedelic Horseshit" Jewell, Jacob Felix "Soft Teeth" Heule, Jay "Ettrick" Korber, Tony "Basshaters" Dryer and Jon Lorenz and John Rich, aka Wasteland Jazz Unit (who, you may recall, caused my neighbours no end of grief a month or two with that split disc with Talibam!). Large ensemble improv, if it isn't conducted or pre-planned in some way, is a notoriously hit-and-miss affair, and this 25'30" adventure has its ups and downs, the ups not necessarily being the loudest and wildest bits either (though it's a shame they couldn't have pushed a bit further with what they were doing about the fifteen-minute mark). If you only buy two Bug Incision discs this month (haha), this one and the Jack Wright trio reviewed underneath are the ones to get.

Dan Warburton


Members of various noise units come together for a session that resembles a huge traffic jam that begins unruly then gets improv insane when the drivers realize that A) they're all musicians, and B) they've got instruments in tow. Horns whinny, fart, hiccup, pick off news copters like frogs zapping flies; a violin squeaks in protest; percussionists mime teletype machines and avalanches. Just for good measure, somebody slams the bejesus out of a kennel door.

Raymond Cummings