simeon abbott with bent spoon duo
saigon, you crazy diamond


Simeon Abbott with Bent Spoon Duo - excerpt from 'Saigon, You Crazy Diamond' by bugincision  


Bringing Simeon Abbott into the Bent Spoon fold playing prepared electric guitar brings a new layer of interpretive style to the pair of Chris Dadge and Scott Munro. The guitar certainly steers the pieces toward edgier moments than I’m used to with the Duo. The 45 minute long recording moves quickly through all the paces. Found objects, all sorts of percussion, bells, whistles and chains never back away from an alarmingly in your face improvisational set.

Several Stellar moments on Saigon are the strange sounds coming out of nowhere. All of a sudden the sound of primates screeching and chains bearing down flourishes before plucky string stuff starts up aggressively. At other moments eerie gurgling is layered with chimes leading into a chaotic piece from the string section.

The sounds are very full and very random. If you’re a fan of improvisation in the highest sense then Saigon, You Crazy Diamond is definitely for you.

Kat Dornian