eric chenaux & bent spoon duo
live in calgary


Eric Chenaux & Bent Spoon Duo - excerpt from 'Live In Calgary' by bugincision  


This album is quite unique from other works by Bent Spoon Duo. Eric Chenaux brings in a nylon string guitar, and with it an almost freak-latin-folk feeling, heavy on the freak. For the most part, the performance is subdued with traces of melody coming from Chenaux’ guitar and at rare points from Munro’s trombone as well. Otherwise there are restrained explosions from the Bent Spoon Duo’s mix of percussion, strings and brass.

About a third of the way through a much more eerie atmosphere begins to sneak in with an increased use of electronics. This marks a notable shift from the soft mood created up until then, however the playing is for the most part quite minimal allowing each player to take the lead at some point. At some parts all three play together with equal importance.

Another departure occurs another third of the way in. Discordance takes hold and sound prevails to build a chaotic climax of sounds. The electronic exposure takes an all time high until it slowly dissipates into a lo-fi and strange cacophony of winds, percussion and strings.

The ending is muted, soft, and almost too quiet to be real although you could hear a pin drop. The players retire to a confused and reflective state. This is the moment where they summarize the past half an hour of performance in a haze and end it off with a brilliant resolved discordance from the guitar.

Kat Dornian