mike khoury + chris riggs
abandon rate


Mike Khoury + Chris Riggs - track from 'Abandon Rate' by bugincision  


With only two men and two instruments (guitar and violin) you may find this release sparse and minimal, and in some ways it is. Take a closer listen and you’ll hear grinding, scraping and clinking adding to an eerie ambience. While you get lost in the sounds and you may forget you’re listening to common stringed instruments, but you are.

The sounds of Abandon Rate suggest to me a torture chamber. While nothing is outright violent there are painfully drawn out scrapes, metal clinking against metal, the sound of dragging like that caused by rearranging heavy furniture and other unrecognizable sounds. The accompanying playing taunts the ear. At times it sounds like screams and pleads but it never reverts to a melody or a rhythm. Instead, the sounds of strings choose to tease the ear with allusions to a composition.

Above and beyond the tortuous sounds, Khoury and Riggs do an incredible job at not overdoing their playing. It feels like at every moment what is being heard is exactly what needs to be heard. The result of the indescribable sounds and minimal playing is something that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Kat Dornian
Feedback Zine Issue #8