chris dadge
silk thousand


Chris Dadge - track from 'Silk Thousand' by bugincision  


Chris Dadge, from taking a glance at his body of work, is a very prolific and industrious Canadian.  Alongside running his own label, Bug Incision, he has worked with Christopher Riggs, Eric Chanaux, Chad van Gaalen, and many others.  Though a multi-instrumentalist, Dadge’s primary instrument is the drum kit, and like unconventional guitarist Christopher Riggs attains a signature sound in his playing.

Many say that certain people march to the beat of their own drummer, and for that matter, Dadge drums to the beat of his own metronome.  “Silk Thousand” doesn’t showcase the abusive triplets of what the likes of Zach Hill do; these 30 minutes are much more textural.  The cymbals conglomerate into a hissing murmur while the snare and kick drum form a tangled mass of rhythmic sputters.  Across these six tracks, Dadge ceases to revisit previous structures and brings forth a new accent with each piece.

This disc could be interpreted as just another free-form freak-out, but there is much more depth to be found with further observation.  Chris Dadge displays great restraint in his drumming technique: while confounding, his drumming remains heavily focused and refrains from venturing into discombobulated noise.

Carter Mullin