aaron leaney & chris dadge


Aaron Leaney & Chris Dadge - excerpt from 'Continuity' by bugincision2  


When Aaron Leaney, a jazz saxophonist, pairs up with another highly skilled musician, drummer Chris Dadge for a wild session, the result is an astounding free-improvisation piece. The duo aren’t afraid to explore the interplay of syncopated rhythms and discordantly sad melodies. What’s striking is the back and forth between Leaney and Dadge. Each feed off the other but also throw twists and turns, making the whole thing terribly unpredictable.

Stuck in between some of the more frantic instrumentation can be found incredibly minimal solos from either Leaney or Dadge. These sojourns into calmer territory are quickly diverted as wild raucous and the creation of free music takes over.
In the piece, both instrumentalists utilize a variety of sound makers but Dadge more so delves into tools not typically to the drummer’s repertoire - including violin, trumpet, zither, vibrators, rubbings and even voice.

One really well used effect on this recording is panning to create a more surround sound experience. Dadge, who is also credited as the recording engineer, captures the movement of the duo around the microphones. This all adds well to the involved and interesting playing that is put out by Leaney and Dadge.

Kat Dornian
Feedback Zine #9