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Kyle Brenders/Brandon Valdivia - 'Tgui' from self-titled album by bugincision2  


Bug Incision is a small Canadian cdr-label for improvised and experimental music with a catalogue of over 50 releases. Focusing on the scene of Calgary, but also with international musicians participating. Kyle Brenders (tenor sax, clarinet) is a Toronto-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is a key figure in the improv scene in Toronto. Steve Lacy and Anthony Braxton are important points of reference for him. Brandon Miguel Valdivia is a drummer, composer, and percussionist. Valdivia operates in many musical fields: free-folk, punk, rock, impro, music for dance and theatre. As a duo they exist some ten years now, and this release documents for the first time their collaboration. Ten improvisations recorded live february 6th 2011 in Toronto. There is something academic in these improvisations, that keep them at a distance. When I try to tackle this feeling, I hear concentrated and communicative improvisations. With nice coloring by the percussionist, making a good team with the dry playing by Brenders. (DM)

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Valdivia / Brenders
Brandon Miguel Valdivia / Kyle Brenders

By Byron Hayes
Calgary's Bug Incision collective originally focused on documenting that city's flourishing underground improvisatory music scene, but has since broadened their horizons to include like-minded souls from other locations. Michigan guitar deconstructionist Chris Riggs, UK sonic pranksters the A Band and Hamilton, ON noise purveyors Fossils have been featured on Bug Incision releases in the recent past. The album at hand is a lively sparring session between multi-reedist, and AIMToronto artistic director, Kyle Brenders and percussionist Brandon Valdivia, of the globally minded improv duo Not the Wind Not the Flag. These two certainly know each other well, and this is readily apparent as the proceedings unfold. For this session, Valdivia favours an assortment of drumming implements to attack his kit, allowing for increased depth to his sonic palette. Meanwhile, Brenders sticks to the tenor sax and clarinet, but manages to coax unorthodox tones from his instruments via extended techniques. This pair take their time unfurling these ten relaxed yet engaging pieces of improvisatory gold. (Bug Incision)