2012 events:

  • January 11, 2012
    • Hamelin/Fisk duo
      Simon Fisk is one of the more prominent of Calgary's acoustic bass players these days. While mostly working in the realm of jazz, Fisk is also occasionally inclined towards the realm of free improvising, sometimes appearing on cello, often with a bank of electronic enhancements. He's played off and on with drummer/percussionist Eric Hamelin (Chad van Gaalen, Nomoreshapes, Ryan Bourne, et al) over the years, and tonight it's on.
      Last minute fill-in: XL Hippie (Chris Dadge and Eric Hamelin)
    • little man: Lands That Move (And People Moving Through Them)
      little man makes places make sense makes senses make place. In her latest project, Toronto-based violist Rebecca Bruton moves between song, sound and story, pulling fecund and familiar worlds from string and gut and bone. 
    • hate Brahms
      A wild and chaotic duo comprised of the fresh faces of Jean-Sebatien Audet and Michael Halls (both play in the band Faux Fur and The You Are Minez, but also have many other solo and collaborative projects). Both can cover ground on a plethora of instruments, but are both crazy guitar players. When booking the band, there was a request to see a two-guitar formation, so fingers crossed.
    • WEEDS CAFE (1903 20th AVE NW), 8-10pm, PAY WHAT YOU CAN
  • February 8, 2012
    • Eric Hamelin/Jason Sharp duo
      Jason Sharp is a Montreal-based saxophonist who is visiting Alberta as part of a Banff Centre Residency. He is deeply entrenched in the scene in Montreal, playing with the likes of Jean Derome, Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Jean Derome, and Matana Roberts. He is also a member of Josh Zubot's Mend Ham and Sam Shalabi's Land of Kush. Heavy stuff, to be sure. Eric Hamelin is one of the foremost proponents of percussion-based experimentation and improvisation in Calgary. He is well-loved for his work with Nomoreshapes (a great, currently inactive group with Jay Crocker) and Chad van Gaalen, and has recently been seen in a duo called XL Hippie with Chris Dadge. His solo shows over the last year or so have also been a delight. Should be a killer duo.
    • Chris Reimer
      This man is also well-known to the Calgary music, having been a member of the avant-pop group Women, as well as currently holding down the drum chair in Gold, and playing a handful of chaotic shows with No Homo (consisting of Pat Flegel, Reimer, and Eric Hamelin). As if that was not enough, he spent the bulk of the last year on the road with the Dodos. Solo, he creates thick layers of sound using cheap keyboards, guitars, pedals, and a finely honed musical sensitivity. 
    • Aaron Leaney
      One of the premier saxophonists in Calgary who is gallantly pushing the boundaries of his instrument. Whether it's in a solo context such as this (where he combines his instrumental facility, electronically-enhanced explorations, and finely honed sense of melody to excellent results), in his duo with Chris Dadge, or many of the other ad hoc combinations in which he finds himself, Leaney is a passionate and rewarding performer.
      (http:// www.aaronleaney.com/)
    • WEEDS CAFE (1903 20th AVE NW), 8-10pm, PAY WHAT YOU CAN
  • February 28, 2012
    • Tania Gill Group
    • Munro/Hamelin/Vipond trio
    • Acclaimed composer and pianist Tania Gill, originally from Victoria, BC, is a key figure in the Toronto scenes of jazz and popular music. She has twenty years’ experience working with diverse world-class artists, including Deep Dark United, Charles Spearin’s The Happiness Project, Mary Margaret O’Hara and Anthony Braxton. 

      Her long-awaited 2010 debut recording, Bolger Station (Barnyard Records) was ‘disc of the week’ and a top-ten disc for 2010 according to The Globe and Mail, and was nominated for debut album of the year in The Village Voice critics’ poll. It is one of the truly excellent Canadian jazz recordings of recent years.

      Tania will be touring with her Bolger Station Quartet, featuring three of Canada’s outstanding jazz musicians, each with a distinguished career recording and touring with numerous projects. They will play music from Bolger Station that features free-spirited improvisation and compositions that are by turns playful, contemplative, fiery and serene. The Tania Gill Quartet is a consummate contemporary jazz group that plays with intelligence, passion and grace.

      “Bolger Station makes itself a destination for many travellers, journeying alone or in groups.”
      –Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

      “If you met Tania Gill's Bolger Station at a party, you'd quickly decide to hang out with it for the rest of the evening. It's different, after all. A little eccentric, unpredictable. In the best way.”
      ––Kevin Wilson, CKUA

      “Pianist and composer Tania Gill understands the understated power of lyricism... There's evidence of Gill having drunk deeply at the double well of the Bleys (composer Carla and pianist Paul): in motifs, harmonic concepts, pianism and pauses.” –Glen Hall, Exclaim! Magazine

      Tania Gill, piano and melodica
      Lina Allemano, trumpet
      Clinton Ryder, double bass
      Jean Martin, drums

      Plus, the night will opened up with an ad hoc trio featuring Sam Vipond (from Montreal, of the Bug Incision-released group Corse check www.myspace.com/samvipond for more), Scott Munro (of Bent Spoon Duo, Mama Safari, RapX, Lab Coast, etc etc), and our good friend Eric Hamelin (Nomoreshapes, Chad Van Gaalen, XL Hippie, etc) on percussion and other stuff. These people have never played in this formation before, should be exciting.

      $10-$5 sliding scale; tickets at the door

      Cantos Music Foundation - 134 11 Ave SW
  • Thursday, April 26
    We were first made aware of the music of Toronto's Allison Cameron from her killer disc on the esteemed Rat-Drifting record label. It featured her compositions for a trio, featuring Eric Chenaux and Stephen Parkinsons, playing very unusual pieces for a variety of stringed instruments. When Allison applied for a touring grant via Circuit (the Canadian network of of bookers/ performance-space-runners of which Bug Incision is a member) it was a no-brainer to book her in Calgary. It turns out that Allison is largely known as a composer of contemporary chamber works. She's had pieces performed all over the place, played by a who's who of new music ensembles (check allisoncameron.com/bio.html), and maintains a healthy back catalog of releases. As an improvisor, she's played with Ryan Driver, Doug Tielli, Gert-Jan Prins, and Wilbert de Joode, among others. 

    Allison Cameron will perform solo, and then in collaboration with the Bent Spoon Duo. The BSD, comprised of Chris Dadge and Scott Munro, has been working together since 2002, remaining consistent members in the Bent Spoon legacy as it shrunk from Ensemble and Trio. Their approach is a multi-instrumental one, utilizing as many instruments as they can be bothered to round up pre-gig. There is an inclination towards stringed instruments, percussion, and crude, on-the-fly amplification methods. They have a bunch of releases on Bug Incision Records, as well as tapes on Holy Cheever Church, Middle James Co, Total Vermin, and a new one on House of Alchemy. 

    The night will begin with the latest chapter in Mark Fleischhaker's odyssey of solo performance, aka Terrible Crayon. He works with a minimal setup, using his voice, some pedals, and tapes. What makes it work is his unique sense of dramatic pacing within his pieces, which seem to be uniformly concise and controlled, while quite clearly revelling in the possibilities of 'experimental music'. 

    Preceding the music, Cameron will host an informal chat about her music, methods, and ideas about performance and improvisation. This is a highly welcomed new apsect to the Bug Incision concert series, and will take place in the same room, at 7:30pm. All are welcome.

    Weeds Cafe: 1903 20th Ave NW
    8-10pm, talk by Allison Cameron at 7:30pm
    pay what you can
    all ages

    http:// www.allisoncameron.com/
    http:// www.bugincision.com/
    http:// terriblecrayon.bandcamp.com /
  • July 5
    Chris Riggs/Bent Spoon Duo + Zebrapulse + Pigeon Breeders + Yankee Yankee (tbc)
    Cafe Bohemia (10217 97 St, Edmonton, AB)
    more info TBA
  • July 6
    Chris Riggs + Bent Spoon Duo performance + interview
    Live on CJSW 90.0FM (or www.cjsw.com), around 8:30AM MST
    Show: The Big Friday, hosted by Myke Atkinson, 7-10AM MST
  • July 6
    Chris Riggs Workshop + Masterclass
    Theatre Junction GRAND Rehearsal Studio (608 1st St SW, 2nd floor)
    Workshop: 6:30-7:30pm, aimed at a more general audience, non-musicians/players welcome
    Masterclass: 8:00-9:30pm, aimed more at instrumentalists and improvisors
  • July 7
    Chris Riggs + Bent Spoon Duo
    National Music Centre (134 11th Ave SE - formerly known as Cantos Music Foundation)
    Doors 7:30pm / Show 8:30pm / $7
  • July 11
    Chris Riggs/Chris Dadge + more TBA
    Rickshaw Lounge
  • July 21
    Eugene Chadbourne w/ Darren Williams and Chris Dadge + Jeff Younger's Devil Loops
    Weeds Cafe (1903 20th Ave NW)
    8pm, all ages, pay what you can
    The legendary guitarist Eugene Chadbourne, once a resident of Calgary in the '70s, makes another return to the city. He is known for his extensive solo work, both in the fields of free improvisation and songform (of course never hesitating to liberally mix the two), his group Shockabilly, as well as collaborations with such luminaries as John Zorn (check their brilliant work together from the wonderful Parachute Records label), Paul Lovens, Han Bennink, Camber Van Beethoven (as Camper Van Chadbourne), and many others. He will play solo, as well as in a trio with Darren Williams (tenor saxophone) and Chris Dadge (drums, percussion). Vancouver's Jeff Younger, one of the most busy and diverse guitarists in Canada, will make another appearance in Calgary with his Devil Loops project.
  • August 13
    Joust (John Oswald + Scott Thompson) with Chris Dadge + Protagonist/Antagonist + Eric Hamelin
    Very excited and honored to be presenting Scott Thomson and John Oswald (Joust) while they're in the area this month. For those unfamiliar, Scott Thomson is a trombonist currently located in Montreal, and he is an absolutely monstrous player. Heavy with the extended techniques, very much a "that's a trombone making that sound?"-kinda thing, but can also kill it in more orthodox settings, such as his Steve Lacy-songbook-playing group with Kyle Brenders, The Rent. Check out his fantastic album with Lori Freedman, Plumb, on Barnyard Records for a preview. John Oswald is known to most as the man behind Plunderphonics, an extremely interesting project incorporating sampling, pop culture critique, copyright-challenging, and composition. He's also a saxophonist, having worked with Eric Chenaux, Roger Turner, Michael Keith, and many others. Excited to be playing with characters of this calibre. 

    Also on the bill is Eric Hamelin (Chad Van Gaalen, Nomoreshapes, Ryan Bourne, et al) on solo percussion and electronics, and Ryan Von Hagen, a new name to the Bug Incision stage, doing.... something with electronics, I think.

    At Weeds (1903 20th ave nw)
    8-10pm, all ages, pay what you can

  • September 13
    FREEDMAN (aka Haynes/Driver/Martin) + Black Mold @ National Music Centre (134 11th Ave SE)
  • The scenario is this: Toronto's Justin Haynes (Blah Blah Blah 666, Barnyard Drama) plays a ukulele, Jean Martin (ZMF Trio, Tanya Tagaq, The Reveries, Barnyard Records) plays brushes on a suitcase, and Ryan Driver (The Reveries, The Silt, solo) plays street-sweeper bristle bass (has to be seen/heard to believe - check the samples below). The three of them play from the songbook of Myk Freedman (hence the sometimes-group name Freedman), who writes wonderful '50s/'60s-style jazz compositions, his own distinctive mashing of Monk, Money Jungle-style Ellington, and tunes from the earlier '60 Blue Note sides. They inject the tunes with a healthy dose of levity and playful, offsetting the quirkier elements of the tunes themselves with spirited solos and ensemble moves. These guys killed it last time they were here, and I'm sure they'll do it again. Not to be missed.
  • We had such great time last time these guy were in town, with the trio of Dadge/Munro/Van Gaalen on the bill, we decided to get ol' CVG back for this one, this time under his Black Mold guise. While Van Gaalen is largely known for his songs, he's also got a wealth of recordings and performances under his belt as Black Mold. The project usually is pretty tough to pin down, sounding a little different each time it presents itself, but usually he's coaxing alien sounds from a modular synth and modiefied/bent drum machines and keyboards. Also seems to get weirder and better every we see it.
  • 8pm / $5 / all ages

  • Friday, October 5
    Not The Wind, Not The Flag Workshop + Masterclass

    Workshop: 6:30-7:30
    Masterclass: 8:00-9:30
    Theatre Junction GRAND Rehearsal Studio (608 1st St SW, 2nd floor)
  • Saturday, October 6
    Not The Wind, Not The Flag + Aaron Leaney
    Doors 7:30pm / Show 8:30pm / $7
    National Music Centre (134 11th Ave SE)
    (formerly known as Cantos Music Foundation)
  • Thursday, October 18
    Bug Incision is proud to partner with CJSW 90.9 FM for their annual string of funding drive concerts. Eugene Chadbourne (a legendary avant/experimental figure in the last 30+ years of music history, known for his work with John Zorn, Han Bennink, Camper Van Beethoven, Jimmy Carl Black, etc) was here this past summer, playing in a trio with Chris Dadge and Darren Williams. Those who attended the show will recall his uncanny penchant for mixing classic folk, country, garage rock, and choice jazz tunes with his highly virtuostic style of improvising. Whitney Ota (aka Yankee Yankee, Unit Structure Sound Recordings co-proprietor, member of Burro and Dada Centauri), Chris Dadge (of Bent Spoon Duo, Lab Coast, Mama Safari, Bug Incision operator), and Scott Munro (Bent Spoon Duo, Mama Safari, RapX, etc) will form an ad hoc trio, taking off from Ota & Dadge's set in Edmonton this summer. At that show, they toyed with the idea of a lot of pulse-based improvising, Ota also playing the guitar in a fine open tuning, lending a droney quality to the music. Munro will join them on upright bass. Jean-Sebastien Audet (Faux Fur, Darren Wantz, You Are Minez, The Gooeys, etc) will be performing as Zouk Fuck, his hip-hop vehicle. As with everything this dude cranks out, this stuff is top-notch, and I don't think there's been too many live appearances for this material. Not to be missed. And finally, Larry McDowell's Protagonist/Antagonist guise will be making a welcome return to the Weeds back room. McDowell's smart, concise approach to samples, electronics, and sequencers is always changing, and always pretty damn good.
    Weeds Cafe (1903 20th Ave NW)
    CJSW Funding Drive Event
    8-10pm, pay what you can (it's for CJSW!)
  • Thursday, November 15
    JACK WRIGHT + Ellwood Epps, Chris Dadge & Scott Munro @ National Music Centre
    part of the Bug Incision Calgary 2012 Concert Series
    Doors 7:30pm / Show 8:30pm / $7
    National Music Centre: 134 11th Ave SE (formerly known as Cantos Music Foundation)
    more info here
  • Wednesday, November 14
    Jack Wright Workshop + Masterclass
    Hot Wax Records basement (114 10th Street NW)
    6:30-7:30pm - Jack Wright Workshop
    8:00-9:30pm - Jack Wright Masterclass
    more info here
  • Jack Wright Meets Calgary @ Weeds Cafe: Friday, November 16
    feat. Aaron Leaney, Whitney Ota, Jonathon Wilcke, Lyle Pisio, more
    Weeds Cafe (1903 20th Avenue NW)
    Pay what you can, all ages