2014 events:

  • Thursday, January 23, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    Bug Incision is proud to be back in action, starting 2014 with four shows at the Emmedia Screening Room. Big thanks to them for supporting Bug Incision with the use of this excellent space.

    Kyle is one of the major saxophonists working in Toronto's fertile creative music/free jazz/avant garde community. He's known for his role as the artistic director of the AIMToronto Orchestra, as well as his work with Anthony Braxton (which has produced an excellent album of duets), his group The Rent (which plays the music of Steve Lacy), his own quartet (with Mark Segger and Steve Ward), as well as various other collaborations (including a previous disc on Bug Incision with Brandon Valdivia). We're proud to present this major voice in Canada's free music scene.
    http:// www.kylebrenders.ca/
    https://soundcloud.com/ music-gallery-toronto/ kyle-brenders-quartet-live- at

    The duo of Eric Hamelin (No more shapes, XL Hippie, Chad van Gaalen) and Eddie Dalrymple (Holgans) makes music of the face-melting variety, good ol' guitar and drumset fury. When I last heard them live, they brought to mind the "Daily Dance" album by Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson. Not bad! 
    http:// unitstructuresoundrecording s.bandcamp.com/album/ fuck-off-dad

    One of many of Kevin Stebner's musical outlets, Greyscreen focuses on writing tunes with old Game Boys, a practice largely referred to as chiptunes. Over the holidays, KS sustained an arm injury, which means instead of his normal approach, which results in a boisterous, physical style of performance, he will deliver a softer, more reflective aspect of the project.
    http:// greyscreen.bandcamp.com/

    The solo guise of Mark Fleischhaker has been a staple of Bug Incision events for over five years, and can be looked at as a concentrated sampling of one of the more unique musical minds to call Calgary its home. Mark's grizzled melange of FX'd vocals, childhood field recordings, and messy electronics comes off as a taut, highly refined vision that could only come from the man who called one of his songs 'I Have Vintage Biff Naked Footage in my Apartment that I do Nothing With'. 

  • Bug Incision and the Canadian New Music Network present:

    After Hours Improvising
    Friday, January 24 & Saturday, January 25

    The Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary – Husky Oil Great Hall
    206 University Ct NW
    Starts approx. 10 pm  (15 minutes after earlier evening concert)
    Free entry

    Members of Calgary’s free improvising community join improvisers from across the country and beyond, who are in town for CNMN’s FORUM 2014. Featuring Rebecca Bruton (violin), Chris Dadge (percussion), Eric Hamelin (percussion), Cody Oliver (guitar), and Whitney Ota (guitar, synth).

    Come enjoy the music – everyone welcome.

    FORUM 2014 is the 6th edition of the international new music conference of the Canadian New Music Network and takes place in Calgary from January 23-26, 2014.

    Calgary Artist Brief Bios:

    Rebecca Bruton is originally from and currently based in Calgary, but spent the last chunk of the decade in Toronto, finishing a degree at York and becoming a part of the city's amazing music scene. Her work encompasses vocals, violin, trombone, improvisation, songforms, and ensemble-based chamber folk.

    Chris Dadge founded Bug Incision in 2006, and has operated it as a label and concert series in Calgary. As a percussionist, he'd worked with Eric Chenaux, Eugene Chadbourne, Mats Gustafsson, Jack Wright, and Peter Evans.

    Eric Hamelin is a percussionist known his work in the excellent un-jazz trio/duo Nomoreshapes, as well as increasingly frequent solo percussion/electronics pieces. He's played with Chad van Gaalen, Josh Zubot, Jesse Zubot, Jason Sharp, Ellwood Epps, and others.

    Cody Oliver is a guitarist based in Calgary, whose work on the instrument explores the more visceral aspects of prepared guitar and feedback. He has been the runner of multiple record labels and was a co-organizer of nach Hause in the early 00s. He's played with Eugene Chadbourne, Dan Meichel, and with Chris Dadge in the Midnighties.

    Whitney Ota is a multi-instrumentalist, who also co-runs the Unit Structures Sound Recordings label. He plays mostly synths and guitar in his various projects, including Yankee Yankee, Burro, Dundas, and Dada Centauri.

  • February 27, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8, show at 8:30

    Bitter Fictions 
    Devin Friesen's one-man guitar destruction operation. Devin's been keenly expanding his palette over the last couple years, adding a gnarly duet with Nate Waters, a suave 10" lathe, and some more minimal decay studies to his belt. His label Shaking Box Records is flourishing, and it's been a good while since we've seen him on a Bug Incision bill. He'll be premiering a new release as well. Don't miss it.
    http:// bitterfictions.bandcamp.com /

    These three have been playing in various formations for over a decade. Dadge and Munro have logged countless hours in various Bent Spoon incarnations (playing with the likes of Peter Evans, Jack Wright, and Eric Chenaux in the process), Jay Crocker's bands, and the mysterious Mama Safari project. All three have spent time as original lineup member of Lab Coast, and Dice Parks has a brand new cassette out on the venerable Night People label. This grouping will feature DP on drum machines/electronics, SM on double bass, and CD on percussion. This group has played together only once, for about 3 or 4 minutes at a soundcheck in the basement of Hot Wax Records. The sound they made together for those few minutes was enough to prompt a more formal arrangement. 
    http:// dparks.bandcamp.com/
    http:// www.bugincision.com/ chrisdadge

    Jonathon Wilcke 
    Wilcke is a one of a kind in Calgary. His saxophone playing is easily the most refined, idiosyncratic voice in the city, possibly the province. He has perfected an arsenal of extended techniques to rival the most feral of reed-biters, and he sews them together with an excellent, humour-laced sense of narrative that is most fully tangible in his solo sets. Last year, he release two great CDRs on his own imprint, both of which are worth checking out. 
    http:// www.jonathonwilcke.com/

    Moss Harvest
    "Emerging ambient drone/atmospheric noise & dense fog electronics" is how this project has been described to me, and after a listen to the below side, I'd say that's on the money. It's noise music, but not the kind that will trim your beard for you. Very excited to be presenting this newcomer to the Bug Incision stage. 
    http:// aughtvoid.bandcamp.com/ album/ moss-harvest-downfuckinghil l-split-cs
  • Thursday, March 27, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    Moving along with the third 2014 installment of Bug Incision at Emmedia.

    Whistleburn Ensemble:

    Whistleburn Ensemble is the name given to various, shape-shifting improvising ensembles organized by Chris Dadge. In the past, these groups have assembled to play improv-heavy compositions, but this time it's simple: strings and horns only. It will feature Chris Dadge, Jonathon Wilcke, Eric M Hamelin, Jean-Sebastian Audet, Whitney Ota, and Rebecca Bruton.


    LILMAN is the primary composition and songwriting project of violinist-vocalist Rebecca Bruton. She intends for her music to be heard inside of a burning church.
    Influences include Sam Amidon, Dead Rat Orchestra, Martin Arnold and the rat-drifting ethos. 

    r.a.bruton - voice, violin, noise
    Shae Doyle - violin
    Michael Kissinger - violin, viola
    Arely Cisneros - trombone

    http:// lilman.bandcamp.com/

    Yankee Yankee:

    From the description of YY's stellar 2011 release 'Ecstatic Dreamer: "Ecstatic/Drone/Trance pulsating, building, exploding and imploding into sparks of life. Fireworks ignite leaving magic dust in the air settling gently in the violent waves of the sea. Beams of rainbows are thrown through the air like javelins from the Thunder Gods. When struck by these beams, you become instantly stunned causing a sense of stasis in your mind. White light/ecstatic dreams."

    http:// www.weirdcanada.com/tag/ yankee-yankee/

  • Thursday, April 24, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    thingNY (USA) perform scenes from This Takes Place Close By
    This Takes Place Close By is a new theatrical work-in-progress from New York experimental music collective thingNY. Developed and performed by thingNY's composer-performers, Gelsey Bell, Andrew Livingston, Paul Pinto, Erin Rogers, Dave Ruder and Jeffrey Young, This Takes Place Close By is a set of operatic meditations on the difficulty of talking about natural disasters from a geographical and temporal distance. In this concert version, the work explores the eerie and the absurd through instrumental and sonic soundscapes, song and whispered speech, disjointed sentences and linguistic play, and offers a look at the mediating technologies that enable us to spectate as other parts of the world are destroyed, as well as a critical perspective on how those technologies shape and separate us. Scenes revolve around the themes of darkness, quietness, and loneliness, exploring the private terrors of those trapped in wreckage, the confusion of loved ones and spectators, and the cynicism of those who see the destruction as romantic desolation. The piece will be developed over the next year, leading to a theatrical run in New York in 2015. This is thingNY's first time performing in Canada.

    Calgary's finest free rock trio comprises the intuitively sound rock-power-trio extrapolations of Whitney Ota (guitar), Stew Elton (bass), and Andrew Hume (drums). The three have all been orbiting around each other outside of this configuration, and have all achieved wonderous results from their own solo forays. Ota is known as one of the brains behind the venerable Unit Structures Sound Recording label, has churned out many great sides as Yankee Yankee, and in tandem with Elton in the texturally-inclined duo Dundas. Elton has, aside from that duo, also recorded solo under the name Bound, to excellent effect. Hume has logged hours alongside Britt Proulx in the panaromic genre-melding duo Seizure Salad, and also quietly released a killer tape on Shaking Box Records. If you've had the pleasure of seeing this trio live or hearing on them record more than once, you'll be able to attest to their remarkable ability to avoid stale, rote routinery in their improvisations, something that is tough to do in this particular sandbox.

    The duo of Chris Dadge and Cody Oliver was set to be retired for eternity after the latter set down his six-string in favour of his burgeoning talents behind the lens. To those in the know, he's pumped out a serious world of amazing film photography, including his own in-your-face take on the classic street photography style, and a series of arresting portraits. Before that, he reigned supreme as one of the city's finest guitar manglers, playing with Darren Williams, Ron de Jong, Eugene Chadbourne, MOP trio with Peter Moller and Lyle Pisio, and all manner of ad hoc activities.Midnighties, his duo with Bug Incision head Chris Dadge on amplified percussion, cut one razor-sharp disc a few years ago, they played a great string of shows (including one forthcoming trio set with Scott Munro) and then hung it up. Well, Oliver has been at it again as of January this year, making appearances at ad hoc sessions and large ensembles across the city. Glad to be back in action.

  • Thursday, May 15, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    Friesen/Waters Duo
    Fans of far-out musical activities in Calgary will be familiar with the name Devin Friesen from his work as Bitter Fictions, an FX-heavy guitar & vocals solo act, his record label Shaking Box, which has, aside from releasing the majority of his own work, also dropped choice spools by Pale Lobo and this duo, and also from his stream of releases under the D.F. moniker. Nate Waters has been the creative force behind two excellent Calgary avant-pop units, Hunter Gatherer and The Cable Knits. The former, a trio, dealt in dense psychedelia and sun-bleached harmonies, while the latter duo was a turn-on-a-dime stream of brilliant pop songwriting nuggets and tight playing. However, neither band properly showcased Waters' abilities on the saxophone, an instrument that he manages to incorporate beautifully into Friesen's murky guitar environments. Their first tape on Shaking Box was a local highlight of recent times, and apparently there's another killer lurking in the wings. Waters is no longer located in Calgary, so it's recommended that you take in this rare duo performance.

    Brad Hawkins
    Possibly the second place winner for most Bug Incision Shows Attended, Brad Hawkins has been scrupulously recording as many of the series' concerts as humanly possible. Many of these recordings have made their way to become classic releases on the Bug Incision Records label. Hawkins has also had an amply prolific career with his modular synth on the other side of the recording gear. His crystalline solo work as Pedro Monkeyfinger was chronicled on a classic early Bug Incision release, and his duo with Eric Hamelin, Caveaged, has rumbled many a chest cavity. Hawkins also collaborates with visual artist Joe Kelly, and engineers albums for such bands as Astral Swans and Ghostkeeper.

    In Vacuo

    A welcome new face to the Bug Incision stages. Having little history with this particular act, the bio seems a good place to start: "powerchord go crazy for my mothers, three chord ballad about a girl on a plane who brushed me with her feet, switch to d powerchord go arch over the sea, derangement but new rainbow switch to e powerchord i run out of ideas i think this part i cry about my father regulating my gaming hours, and gotta end somewhere oh no oh i think i will switch to c powerchord a hit, a new beginning, a comeback, a new haircut and makeup style. respect your elders kiddies because they lend you the money to buy my song and my song is applejacks my song is holiday rice crispies my song is too much for us, it’s on the radio my mom plays it on her way to work. but actually it’s about trenchtown it’s about travolta’s limbless torso on a trampoline it’s about one side of any given thing it’s about time it’s about dignity it’s about ready, everyone dig in." Ok, and to update the above description somewhat, this post-script has been added: "We're [now] tending toward a looser, avantjazz-oriented approach, still laden with disgruntled politics, but contrary to the absurd utterances that comprised past lyrical content, the anarchy is [now] fostered within the disjointed composition - mostly instrumental, and erratically improvisational. This is all manifest in the form we've adopted after religious experiences with Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica and a lot of Henry Cow during our most cynical episodes in stifled songwriting." Sounds good to me.


    Jeremy Curry
    This man is not a stranger to the stage at Bug Incision shows, having performed in Garf-Jovi and alongside Yellow Circle as JC+YC. But now he is the very first person ever to be appointed as curator of between-set music at a Bug Incision show. Curry has proven himself to be an ardent and informed appreciator of a wide variety of vital music; his knowledge of Jim O'Rourke's discography alone qualifies him for the job immediately. A pen and paper is recommended, as you'll probably want to ask Jeremy what he's playing, and then write it down, so you can check out more later when you get home.

  • Thursday, July 10, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    Very excited to finally have this Edmontonian crew grace the Bug Incision stage. Had the pleasure of witnessing them play multiple times on their home turf (where they are an integral part of the very happening scene up there), and the witness part is key: watching these guys (that's Will Scott, Tyler Harland, and Myles Bartel) mangle & manipulate their pile of guitars, FX, and amplified is a bunch of fun in itself. In their own words:

    "Pigeon Breeders are an experimental trio, started in 2011, that specializes in free improvisation with ambient, electroacoustic, noise, and psychedelic elements. 

    Steeped in the burgeoning Edmonton noise/experimental scene, the group developed a style described as "gently unsettling ... beautiful, intelligent sonic art." The band has put out six releases for the Ramshackle Day Parade label. They have also collaborated with Calgary's Jung People, Brooklyn-based trumpeter Nate Wooley, Edmontonian guitarist Connor O'Brien (Flint, Fuck the Tundra), as well as Edmonton-based filmmaker Lindsay McIntyre." 

    http:// pigeonbreeders.bandcamp.com /
    http:// pigeonbreeders.tumblr.com/

    This made-to-order duo is comprised of two of the most solid figures in the Calgary experimental music community. Mark Fleischhaker is well-known for his karaoke terrorizations on Sundays at Broken City, his anything-goes/vocal madness solo project Terrible Crayon, semi-improvised metal trio Lord Something (in which he displays his formidable chops at the drumkit), and the brevity-obsessed hardcore (also semi-improvised) duo Faster Disco. Eric Hamelin has been making the most noise recently with Fuck Off Dad, a raging drums/guitar duo with Eddie Dalrymple (check their blasted tape on Unit Structure), but he's al Etso well-loved for his riveting solo drums & electronics sets, the unjazz trio/duo Nomoreshapes, and one-off appearances in groups with names like XL Hippie, Broken Assholes, and Used Carl. I think it's safe to say that the set will be a) raucous, b) potentially humour-laced, c) loud-ish, and d) the first time they've played as a duo.
    http:// unitstructuresoundrecording s.bandcamp.com/album/ fuck-off-dad
    https://www.youtube.com/ user/Markfly

    The duo of Ethan Vilu and Liam Zanin. The former is known for his work as Starr Party (recently played a Sled Island set), and the latter has logged work under the name Women Of Jazz. The duo describe themselves as "ritualistic harsh noise". Sounds good to me. Very excited for this Bug Incision debut. Both men have recorded for the Aught Void label, and their music can be found here: 
    http:// aughtvoid.bandcamp.com/ album/v-a-harsh-noise-waltz

    This man is not a stranger to the stage at Bug Incision shows, having performed in Garf-Jovi and alongside Yellow Circle as JC+YC. But now he is the very first person ever to be appointed as curator of between-set music at a Bug Incision show. Curry has proven himself to be an ardent and informed appreciator of a wide variety of vital music; his knowledge of Jim O'Rourke's discography alone qualifies him for the job immediately. A pen and paper is recommended, as you'll probably want to ask Jeremy what he's playing, and then write it down, so you can check out more later when you get home

  • Thursday, August 28, 2014
    Emmedia Screening Room 
    351 11 Ave SW #203 (enter from 11th ave side, 2nd floor)
    Doors at 8:00, show 8:30

    PALE LOBO >>> Andrew Hume is known for involvement in such stellar units as the anything-goes hardcore/psych duo Seizure Salad, free rock power trio Burro, and the more textually-inclined Dada Centauri (with Whitney Ota). Pale Lobo, his solo guise, has one tape out, on Devin Friesen's Shaking Box Records, and it's a collection of rickety rhythmic constructs, surrounded by a fog of keys and FX. And it's very good, so we're excited to see it live.

    Music: palelobo.bandcamp.com/

    MOLENA >>> From the UK/Vancouver, BC, Molena has been performing since 2008 and recently played at the Vancouver Noise, Victoria Noise, and Dark Light festivals. Other recent highlights include a collaboration with the Rita. Reportedly the group's sound includes "harsh sounds involving chains, metal, contact mic's and white noise with occasional screamed tracts of hatred." Sounds good. Check it here:https://soundcloud.com/ molena

    JONATHON WILCKE & NIKKI REIMER >>> Well, there are things known about these two. These things include: NR writes and publishes some very good, interesting poetry, and so does JW. Additionally, it is known that JW also plays various wind instruments, including the saxophone, with great flair and precision, and is easily the city's most interesting player of such instruments. But, we're not 100% sure of what these two will do for their debut performance on the BI stage. 
    NR: http://reimerwrites.com/
    JW: http://www.amazon.com/ Dupe-Jonathan-Wilcke/dp/ 0978498194 (sorry JW, it's only link I could find!)

    QUINN EM >>> Quinn is one of the newer faces to the Bug Incision stages, often seen playing the clarinet or working out the possibilities offered by the prepared guitar. Very pleased to present a solo on this night.

    And, in what has been one of the most excellent additions to the Bug Incision experience, Jeremy Curry will be once again playing a carefully curated selection of really great music between sets.

  • Monday, October 27 
    National Music Centre
    Doors 8pm, first set 8:30pm
    $5 cove


    The Muted Note is a suite of songs composed by Scott Thomson, settings of poems by P.K. Page, for Susanna Hood's singing voice. As a duo, Susanna, in addition to singing the lyrics, improvises on the songs both vocally and in dance, a synthesis for which she is singularly acclaimed in Canada. Scott, on trombone, both underpins Susanna and solos on the songs in a wide-ranging style that reflects his broad experience as an improviser. Throughout, P.K. Page's stellar poems are at the core of the work and, in both dance and music, Scott and Susanna seek to animate and activate the verse as they play. Their extensive Canadian tour this autumn will help to promote their new duo disc on &records.

    Susanna Hood is a compelling and virtuosic performer in dance and music. She began her career with Toronto Dance Theatre, 1991-95. Independently, she has performed the works of various Toronto choreographers; created singing/dancing roles with Autumn Leaf Productions; acted on film for filmmaker Philip Barker; created music for the dance works of Louis Laberge Coté, Rebecca Todd, and Eryn Dace Trudell; collaborated extensively with composers John Oswald and Nilan Perera; and performed widely as an improviser in dance and music. Her collaborative projects as well as her own choreography and music compositions have been presented throughout Toronto, nationally, and internationally on stage and film since 1991. She has won the K.M. Hunter Emerging Artist Award and the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.

    Scott Thomson is a trombonist and composer who lives in Montréal, having moved from Toronto in 2010. He plays in established groups in many styles, and prizes ad hoc improvising as a way to meet many creative people. He has studied with Roswell Rudd, Jean Derome, Eddie Prévost, and John Oswald. Scott is one of the founders of the Association of Improvising Musicians in Toronto (AIMToronto), and co-directs the AIMToronto Orchestra, which was formed for a project with Anthony Braxton in September 2007. While in Toronto, Scott was the artistic director of Somewhere There, a venue for live creative music that he founded in 2007. Scott has composed a series of site-specific pieces that he calls ‘cartographic 
    compositions’ for mobile musicians and audiences in unconventional performance contexts, including works for the galleries and corridors of the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

    Susanna and Scott's principal project, currently, is a multi-faceted collaboration to perform Scott's suite of songs based on poetry by P.K. Page, one of Canada's most celebrated literary figures. For this project, The Muted Note, Scott and Susanna perform the suite as a duo; with Scott's quintet, The Disguises (with Nicolas Caloia, Yves Charuest, and Pierre Tanguay); and as a full stage work featuring Susanna's choreography on three other dancers (Ellen Furey, Alanna Kraaijeveld, and Bernard Martin) with live music by The Disguises.

    http:// www.scottthomson.ca/
    http://www.actuellecd.com/ en/cat/et_20/


    The Midnighties is the duo of Cody Oliver and Chris Dadge, playing amplified resonator guitar and amplified junk & percussion, respectively. The two have deeps roots in the improvised music scene in Calgary, Dadge as the runner of Bug Incision, and Oliver having co-run the direct predecessor to BI, Nach Hause, as well as various small record labels. The two create a zinging, slashing conglomeration of metallic sounds, and they're joined on this evening by multi-instrumentalist Scott Munro, another non-stranger to this world. The three first performed in this configuration a few years ago at Weeds Cafe, and the release of that recording is being celebrated on this evening. 

    https://soundcloud.com/ bugincision3/ midnighties-with-monty-exce rpt


    Across two excellent cassettes on Friesen's Shaking Box Records imprint - two of the better avant-leaning releases to come out of Calgary in the last couple years - these two have carved out an excellent place for themselves within the high-flying world of guitar and sax duos. Nate Waters' (Cable Knits, Hunter Gatherer) mastery of the saxophone allows him to function admirably in a situation where his electricity-laden playing partner can easily engulf him at any time, but, thanks to Devin Friesen's (aka Bitter Fictions) big ears, that's not really too much of a concern anyway. Looking forward to hearing NW through a PA. 

    https://soundcloud.com/ devin-friesen/ friesen-waters-duo-02

  • December 11, 2014
    Emmedia (351 11 ave sw)
    doors 8pm, sets start around 8.30pm
    $5 cover

    Continuing their explorations in expanding their duo, Cody Oliver (guitar) and Chris Dadge (percussion) have invited (once again) Scott Munro (of Viet Cong and recent Bug Incision solo album fame) on electric bass, and Jonathon Wilcke on sax and assorted small instruments, to join them for a set. Come see what a more traditional instrumentation will do for these guys.

    The brainchild of Clarke Alan Macleod, aided and abetted by Andrew James Hume on drums and Devin Friesen on guitar. The latter two here are no strangers to the BI stage, known and loved for their work as Pale Lobo, Seizure Salad, Burro, and Bitter Fictions and Friesen-Waters duo, respectively. The trio is in the midst of recording a rather feral sounding EP with Bug Incision's Chris Dadge, and we've been promised a Bug Incision-ified version of their set. http:// ashleysoft1.bandcamp.com/ releases]


    Some new faces to the BI stage. These fellows describe themselves as "a harsh noise/ free improv group [using] contact mics, various instruments and computer sampling with effect pedals to mix drone in with abrasive textures and samples from many genres of music and non musical sources". Sounds good to me.