2019 events:

  • SUNDAY, JANUARY 20, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    Ad hoc ensembles evening featuring:

    Chris Dadge - violin
    David Laing - alto sax
    Eric Hamelin - drums/percussion
    Whitney Ota - modular synth
    Nathaniel Schmidt - synth, French horn
    Simon Macleod - alto sax
    Ethan Mitchell - cello
    Darrell Hartsook
    - lap steel

  • SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    LYDIA DEETZ (solo) +

    Leaney/Dadge Duo
    This duo goes back to almost all the way to beginning of the Bug Incision story. The pair's debut Duo was the fourth-ever release on the label, and that album was recorded at a proto-BI event at Cafe Koi. Needless to say, the ties run deep. They made another album a few years later, played more shows, and comprised 2/3 of the Aaron Leaney Three, but Leaney's departure from Calgary in the late '00s put an end to regular output. Following a fiery meeting with Scott Munro this past December, this will be the duo's first performance in a good long while. (Was the last one at Sloth Records...?)

    Aaron Leaney currently resides in Montreal, and is a multitudinous performer, composer, bandleader, and recording engineer whose work is primarily centered around various modes of post-Fire music tenor saxophone-led improvisation. With various groups over the years (including players such as Aaron Lumley, Raphael Foisy-Couture, Michel Lambert, and Nicolas Caloia) he has explored varying levels of structural freedom, at times incorporating a few choice originals and adaptations of pieces by the likes Eric Chenaux, Ornette Coleman, etc.

    Chris Dadge has been running Bug Incision since its inception in 2005, and is primarily known as a percussionist. Regular groups have included Bent Spoon Duo (with Scott Munro), Midnighties (with Cody Oliver), a duo with saxophonist Jonathon Wilcke, and Cryingsnice, a new duo with drummer Eric Hamelin. Additionally, he's worked with luminaries such as Peter Evans, Mats Gustafsson, Joe Morris, Jack Wright, Chris Riggs, John Oswald, Eric Chenaux, and many more. He can also be found as co-leader of the guitar pop band Lab Coast, and has fingers in many other pop pies as well.

    NOTE: Aaron Leaney will also be playing KAWA with Eric Hamelin and Chris Dadge on February 15 - click here for details.

    Lydia Deetz
    It's always exciting to have someone new playing at a Bug Incision, and it's doubly exciting to have that someone playing a set of solo drums as their first appearance. The number of solo drum performances that have ever happened in BI history can be counted on a hand or two, so this is a real treat. Deetz is a multi-instrumentalist whose recordings are thus far unreleased (although word has it there may be tapes available on this night), but they are shadowy affairs that contain rich sonic landscapes filled with skittering percussion, mangled guitar sounds, and healthy dose of head-scratching unknown sources. Very excited for this set!

    Lehman/Niksic Duo
    These two are best known to Calgary show-goers as members of a few key ensembles currently active in the post-punk/DIY scene. Audrey Niksic fronts Slut Prophet, a sonically evolving group for which Andy Lehman has been a consistent presence behind the kit. He also plays with Calisthenics, Soft Cure, and has slayed a handful of Bug Incision shows over the course of the last couple years. The idea behind their duo is to play one drumset simultaneously, from opposing sides of the bass drum. Should be gas!

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $7 cover

    C.J. Boyd +

    A night of distended song form, improvisation, and modular synthesis, among other things.

    C.J. BOYD

    Very pleased to finally be presenting this self-proclaimed "bassist turned vagabond" as part of his "perpetual tour" (aka the InfiniTour), which has been in motion, amazingly enough, since 2008. C.J. Boyd plays a beguiling mixture of improvisations, drone landscapes, and skeletal, often plaintive songforms that emerge organically from this heady concoction of elements. He does this with the electric and upright basses, and considerable skill on each instrument. At times the music recalls World of Echo-era Arthur Russell (or that "Eli" song), some of the Jagjaguwar Richard Youngs albums (Sapphie and Making Paper-era stuff), and even strains of the Tranzac/Rat-drifting scene, like Chenaux's Dull Lights or Ryan Driver's solo albums. Anyone familiar with the tastes of the Bug Incision management know that these are three very good things to recall, but it's worth pointing out that the idiosyncratic singularity shared by both those artists and Boyd is what forms the basis for comparison. He's successfully carved out a unique sonic identity from a refreshingly uncomplicated set of tools - not an easy task.

    C.J. Boyd's music has been issued by the venerable Joyful Noise Recording label from Indianapolis, and this leg of the InfiniTour will be in support of his newest release, Kin Ships, an epic 4-disc collection of tracks that delve deep into the places and people absorbed during last decade of road-dogging. Each track is a cover of another musician with whom Boyd had shared a stage, and each song - all 51 of them - was recorded in a different state of the USA. Read more about it here or watch the trailer below.

    While the majority of Boyd's work has existed as a solo venture, he's also worked with other artists and ensembles, including Kurva Ensemble (and improvised chamber orchestra), musician/producer Chris Schlarb (Psychic Temple), Prefuse 73-associated electronic artist Eliot Lipp, and many others. He also runs Obsolete Media Objects, a prolific label with over 70 releases to date.


    In light of Justin Haynes' recent passing, Rebecca Bruton's set has been amended as such:


    The Music of Justin Haynes

    Performed by Rebecca Bruton, Kyle Brenders, Chris Dadge, Luisa Pinzon

    Justin was a creative and prolific musician and composer who struggled mightily with his mental health, and with addiction.  He was known for his virtuosic yet highly sensitive guitar-playing, and for his outside vision as a composer. 

    Some of you might have known Justin from the time he and Ryan Driver wore red curtain robes, while playing the organs at the National Music Centre.  In this iteration they were known as Organballoon.


    Justin died on Wednesday, March 13th, in South Parkdale, Toronto.   

    He left a wealth of astounding music in his wake.  We loved him, and the things that he made.  We will play some of his short tunes for you!



    Rebecca Bruton (MFA) is a Western Canadian composer and songmaker. Her compositions have been commissioned and performed both nationally and internationally by Quasar quatuor de saxophones (Montréal), Quatuor Bozzini (Montréal, CA), Momenta Quartet (NYC), Array Music (Toronto), Continuum Ensemble (Toronto), and by her own ensembles. As one half of the vocal performance duo Moss Moss Not Moss (with Canadian-Icelandic poet angela rawlings), Rebecca has also presented original work at Tectonics Festival Glasgow. With Australian sound artist Alexandra Spence, she co-founded Tidal ~ Signal, a Vancouver-based festival dedicated to women and trans-identifying artists working in experimental music.



    The solo moniker of one John Hornak, this project uses modular synthesis to deliver his enveloping digital compositions. Beginning with his fascination with the Canadian Rockies, and expanding outwards to more remote regions, each of the pieces in this project are highly influenced by Hornak's geographical surroundings during a certain period, creating a markedly interior expression of a more objective, temporal stimulus. This show will see John at the completion of a few weeks' worth of tour dates across Europe in support of his most recent release, Offerings, which is "the heart of the project, genre bending ambient house reminiscent of The Orb or early KLF, with each EP is its own independent “spoke” defined by a unique genre." Excited to finally welcome this artist to the BI stage.

  • SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    Another night of mixed ensembles, with these people arranged into duos, trios, and quartets over the course of the three sets:

    Jesse Conradson - double bass, synth
    Lydia Deetz -
    drums, percussion, etc
    Mark Fleischhaker - vocals, FX, etc
    Eric Hamelin - percussion, etc
    Cody Oliver - double bass
    Laura Reid - violin
    Justin Scott -
    electro-acoustic handsaw
    Foon Yap - violin

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2019
    King Eddy (438 9 Ave SE)
    show starts at 10pm

    & THE KING EDDY are pleased to present:

    from edmonton:

    Mustafa Rafiq is Family Injera - tending to forgotten family roots through sound. Blending traditional guitar style with spiritual field recordings cloaked in abrasive ambient noise, meditative psychedelia is born. Rafiq is additionally known to Bug Incision audiences a member of his previous duo Pyramid/Indigo and known to many across the country as a key part of Edmonton's independent music scene (with his Sweaty Palms concert series), and will be joined on this night by bass clarinettist Ethan Bokma.

    Blistering electronic textures and chaotic percussion is overlapped by spoken word inspired by the terrifying complexity of the human condition. Drumming wiz Sean MacIntosh is known to many for his jaw-dropping circle-hitting in acts like Garry Debussy, Boosh!, and Zebra Pulse. Spoken word artist Tab C.A. is also known for her duo Moonbathers (with Pigeonbreeder Myles Bartel). Calgary debut!

    Solo electronic-based experimental music project of Mary Cleland, a highly active performer around these parts, and also a member of Slut Prophet. This project is a platform for Cleland's ornate sound environments and immersive auditory experiences, incorporating hard-techno and noise influences and her own meditative sense of pacing and approach to texture. One of the last chances to catch this unique performer before she moves on from our fine city.


    The new-ish duo of Chris Dadge (Bug Incision founder, Lab Coast, etc) on violin & FX and Eric Hamelin (Ghostkeeper, Sleepkit) on drums & electronics, who recently shared their live debut with an audience at High Line, and are currently at work assembling their debut album, scheduled for release on Bug Incision Records this year. The two have been playing together in various formations for almost 15 years, and with this project, they are aiming to build on their existing rapport with more a somewhat more elaborate approach to spontaneous composition.

  • SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2019
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    Another night of mixed ensembles, with these people arranged into duos, trios, and quartets over the course of the three sets:

    Eric Svilpis - guitar, synth
    Jennifer Crighton -
    Mark Fleischhaker -
    vocals, FX
    Ethan Mitchell -
    Rob Oxoby -
    double bass
    Evan Petkau -
    drums, percussion
    Jonathan Wielebnowski - double bass
    Lauren Wilson - French horn