EMMEDIA Screening Room (2005 10 Ave SW)
Doors 8:00pm, show 8:30-11:30pm
$5 cover, all ages

The members of the Bent Spoon Trio - David Laing, Scott "Monty" Munro, and Chris Dadge - are the same three individuals who first started Bug Incision back in 2005 to release their first studio recording March 3, 2005. They played a lot during that era, all over Calgary and the west coast, and in the years that followed, they would occasionally pare themselves down to a duo - usually Dadge and one of the others - and soon it became often enough that the Duo was the norm rather than the occasional exception. (For further information on this genesis, please refer to the Free Music in Calgary: Bug Incision at 10 Years zine, soon to be back in print.) At a certain point during this time, the Bent Spoon concern played their last show as a three-piece, and it was only just December of last year that they reconvened, for the final show for the 4th street Emmedia. The show was enjoyable (stay posted for information on its release in the coming months) and they trio decided to keep the flame alive with a yearly December, holiday-time show.

This year, Laing (saxophone and small wind instruments, mainly known for his frontman duties in acclaimed pop band Lab Coast), Munro (bassist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire from Preoccupations, Chad VanGaalen, Mama Safari, and collaborations with the likes of Eric Cheanux, Peter Evans, and Nilan Perera), and Dadge (percussionist/multi-instrumentalist from Lab Coast, Chad VanGaalen, Midnighties, Alvvays, Mama Safari, collabs with players such as Mats Gustafsson, John Oswald, Joe Morris, and Bug Incision overseer) - will be joined by two guests.

Rebecca Bruton is a composer, song-maker and vocalist. She characterizes her work as "understated, Surrealist folk music", and she specific areas of focus include sonic ideas that aestheticize tuning discrepancies, auditory illusions and other acoustic phenomena alongside of simple and surprising melodic structures. Her compositions have been performed by Quatuor Bozzini (Montréal) Momenta Quartet (New York), Quasar quatuor de saxophones (Montréal), Continuum Ensemble (Toronto), and she comprises one half of the vocal performance duo Moss Moss Not Moss (with Canadian-Icelandic poet angela rawlings), which recently presented original work at Tectonics Festival Glasgow. With Australian sound artist Alexandra Spence, Bruton co-founded Tidal ~ Signal, a Vancouver-based festival dedicated to women and trans-identifying artists working in experimental music. Rebecca is from Calgary but now lives in Banff, Alberta.

Chad Vangaalen is one of Calgary's most cherished artistic exports, and is hot on the heels of the release of his sixth full-length album Light Information. The multi-instrumentalist/animator/artist has been issuing critically-acclaimed outsider pop albums via Calgary's Flemish Eye and the legendary Sub Pop records for the better part of the last two decades, and his instantly recognizable sonic and visual aesthetics are loved rightfully and passionately around the world. His contributions on this night will be drawn from his recent acquisitions from various music and junk shops found on his last few months of touring (with BST's Munro and Dadge) in Europe and North America.

The second presentation of this stellar trio follows their 2016 performance, a boisterous, full-bodied affair if there ever was one. Before relocating to Calgary in 2012, Jonathon Wilcke (reeds) spent a long stretch in Vancouver, closely linked with some of the city's most interesting players - including Shane Krause, Darren Williams, Dave Chokroun - and the legendary 1067 venue. He's since then been working in various groups, including a duo with percussionist Chris Dadge (the two performed and recorded with guitarist Joe Morris earlier this year and have a duo record coming out in early 2018). Bassist Rob Oxoby and drummer/percussionist Eric Hamelin have appeared together a good number of times over the course of the last year; aside from last year's debut Not Now, Hamelin show, the two also played with Joe Morris and as part of an ad hoc ensemble at last month's show. They are known respectively for their involvement with such quality groups as Muerte Pan Alley and the Bobby Kork Orchestra, and Ghostkeeper, Sleepkit, Chad Vangaalen, Nomoreshapes, and Cryinsnice. This group freely and ruthlessly investigates all corners of their eclectic songbook, which includes pieces from Sun Ra, Steve Lacy, and others.

We're super pleased to be presenting for the first time the ever-mutating solo act from Nick Dourado, a multi-faceted musician (and ex-Calgarian) currently based in Halifax. Dourado is known across the country for his work with a very healthy variety of ensembles, dipping into poppier waters with Century Egg and Special Costello, and covering collaborative duo work with drummer Nate Doucet (Heaven For Real) in Eddy and with saxophonist Andrew MacKelvie in xxvii. BUDI exists in formations that range from one-man sampler & sax action to bustling large band activity, and we're beyond excited to see what he'll be bringing to this night. For more info about Dourado, check out this excellent piece on him in Musicworks.

A debut performance from this guitar duo. Guitarist and bassist (and photographer) Cody Oliver should be no stranger to Bug Incision watchers, having been closely involved with the label and concert series since nearly the beginning. He has performed and recorded extensively with Chris Dadge as the Midnighties, a slashing, clanging amplified guitar & drums duo; he's issued numerous solo albums, both compositions and improvisations, on Bug Incision Records and his own labels; and he's appeared over the years alongside luminaries such as Darren Williams, Eugene Chadbourne, Dan Meichel, and more. Evan Van Reekum has been an integral part of the Alberta independent music community for the past decade or so. As a label impresario, he co-ran the widely acclaimed garage/punk/psych label Mammoth Cave Recording Co. and more recently inaugurated the Wyatt Records imprint, home to acts such as Chad VanGaalen, Melted Mirror, and Lab Coast. Van Reekum has also played in a bunch of different bands over the years: the top among them was Fist City, a excellently brittle, nervy post-punk quartet with a few records and countless shows under their belts. He also logged hours with the Ketamines, Samantha Savage Smith, New Friends, Teledrome, and more. With all this in mind. it will be a pleasure to see what these two come up with on this fine night.


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