• FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2022
    NVRLND: 1048 21 Ave SE

    a one-off performance from local improvisors Chris Dadge and Nate Waters, celebrating the opening of Heather Buchanan's "I Made These Paintings In The Bath" exhibition

  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2022
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $10 cover

    Jason Philip Wierzba's Yevgenia
    John Charles Tactic (Ron de Jong & Jason Lee Scott with Jonathon Wilcke)
    Jairus Sharif


    There aren’t many other folks who are as enthusiastically, ravingly supportive about Calgary experimental music scene than Jason Philip Wierzba. When not seen front row center at shows around the city, he can often be seen on stage, improvising with great gusto on a guitar, usually unraveling spools of biting, manic lines from his poor instrument. This new project, Yevgenia, sees Wirezba widen his scope to include vocals, both spoken and sung, studio manipulations, and contributions from a helping of the more adventurous players in the Calgary scene. It was recorded remotely during deep pandemic isolation periods, and if all goes according to plan, we will get to lay our hands upon the finished LP package that he’s been slaving over these past few months. He will be joined by "Matthew Springer, the disembodied voice of Arielle McQuiag, probably Jesse Conradson and Jack Sinclaire, and Lydia Pineau." More, in his own words:

    Jason will be presenting the Yevgenia Song Cycle Live Re-Cycle Experience. Special guests are rumoured, and can probably be relied upon, though how special, well, who's to say? Jason - “interested very much" in the "potential holistic-medicinal properties of honey roasted peanuts and jalapeño-stuffed olives" - has also been completing a novel and a micro-feature film of sixty-five minutes. While all this productivity and muddying of the larger point can no doubt be attributed to both the pandemic and what we might just call the "process of life," Jason is liable to loudly and quite rudely demand of us answer to these questions or riddles: which century's pandemic, exactly? and whose process? Is this somebody's sad and undernourished notion of some kind of F. Scott Fitzgerald crack-up? Or is it Tennessee Williams sitting on a fence, drunk on his namesake, having him a bit of a sulphurous & wistful laff.


    We are beyond pleased to finally have a Ron de Jong-based project grace the Bug Incision stages. Ron’s work in the Edmonton music scene predated any BI activities, and quite frankly helped inspire not only the BI label (his Arrival Records was a big touchstone, and also released albums by and with Derek Bailey and Eddie Prevost) but also to continue presenting live music after Nach Hause, a series de Jong was often affiliated with, ended. Indeed one of the first free improv shows BI head Chris Dadge ever saw was a raucous trio of de Jong, Cody Oliver, and Darren Williams peeling paint off the walls at the Art Gallery of Calgary in the early ‘00s. 

    His current project, John Charles Tactic, will be joined by another core Bug Incision player, Jonathon Wilcke:

    Edmonton based guitar and drums improvised music duo John Charles Tactic has been active since 2001. Creating a raucous, ridiculous, reticent, and often revenant music that has received accolades to complete obliviousness from its listeners. This performance should be no different. Come none, come one, come all! This evening’s concert will be the first collaboration with John Charles Tactic and the matchless Calgary based alto saxophone wunderkind, Jonathon Wilcke.

    Jason Lee Scott - Loud since birth. The guitarist has been plying his trade since the aughts in “Weirdo Rock” two-piece NATL, with multiple releases, off and on, over the past 20 years. Also, one half of improvised music duo John Charles Tactic, freaking out grandmothers from Vancouver to New York. Frequent collaborator with Avant vets Vertrek Ensemble and now a freshly minted addition and recording partner on the 2019 release ‘Palace of Darkened Windows’. Stay tuned for more from Vertrek Ensemble as 3io!

    Ron de Jong – The Edmonton, Alberta born, and based drummer has had the kismet of creating music through free improvisation, jazz, and music beyond for the better part of his fifty years. As the founder of the improvised music unit Vertrek Ensemble, he has had the personal delectation of making music alongside Vadim Budman since 1997. Collaborating with so many outstanding musicians, near and far, the group has created music with such resplendent originators as Jason Lee Scott, Darren Williams, Ian Birse, John Butcher, Phil Durrant, Luc Houtkamp, Eugene Chadbourne, and the late inimitable, virtuosic, and peerless, Derek Bailey.

    Independently, de Jong has created music on record and in concert with, among others, Jason Lee Scott (John Charles Tactic), Marilyn Crispell, Damo Suzuki, Chris Dadge, Darren Williams, Jonathon Wilcke, Cody Oliver, and the late Edmonton guitar maestro, Brian Schultz.

    Jonathon Wilcke (they/them) plays tenor and soprano saxophones, along with a selection of tubes, pipes, whistiles, and modified horns called "ludic instruments". Wilcke's music ranges through free improvisation and free jazz, jazzy-jazz, big band jazz, and noise. Their current musical situations include Eating Speed, a trio with Eric Hamelin (drums) and Rob Oxoby (bass), and Quailbait, a solo soprano saxophone and song project. They have appeared in groups including Robots on Fire, ffffffft!, Mechanics Who Can Drive, The Real Featuring the Unreal, and The West Winds Jazz Orchestra and have also appeared (at least once lol) with Peggy Lee, Han Bennink, Eugene Chadbourne and Mats Gustafsson. In Vancouver between 2004-2011, Wilcke appeared regularly with musicians including Dave Chokroun (bass), Olive Shakur (bass), Darren Williams (sax), Kevin Romain (drums) and Shane Krause (sax/clar.)  Their solo recordings include All Errors Included and Torn from the Akashic Record (UnCanadian Activities 2013). They also appear on Rural Optimism with Chris Dadge and Joe Morris (Bug Incision, 2018). 


    Jairus Sharif appeared on the scene relatively recently, but came out of the gates positively burning, initially gaining attention for his series of self-released cassettes, which present his kaleidoscopic vision of musical expression. His work covers passionate saxophone investigations, weird loops, bric-a-brac percussion, and layers of vintage organs and synths, all put together with a deft hand that locates a bridge between some of the more outre areas of Sun Ra’s cosmic approach to free jazz, and parts of the more contemporarily influenced music coming out of the International Anthems label. These early cassette releases caught the attention of the great Toronto-based label Telephone Explosion, who’ll be releasing his debut LP Water & Tools on October 21. For this performance, Sharif will be playing a solo set with sampler & alto sax, based on themes from this debut record.

  • SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2022
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $5 cover

    Ad hoc ensembles night featuring special guest Aaron Leaney (MTL)

    Andrew Lehman
    Mark Fleischhaker
    Aaron Leaney
    Chris Dadge
    + more TBA

  • MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2022
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $20 door/advance

    OREN AMBARCHI and crys cole (solo sets)



Monicker: Libr'aerie

A trio of Scott Thomson (trombone), Arthur Bull (guitar), and Roger Turner (percussion) recorded live in concert.

Cryingsnice: All Greased Up For Nothin'

The debut studio recordings from Eric Hamelin (drums, percussion) and Chris Dadge (violin).

Collateral: s/t

A reissue of the tour-only disc from this killer trio featuring Sam Shalabi (guitar, oud), Norm Adams (cello), and Tim Crofts (piano). Recorded live in concert.

Emily Davis/Christopher Riggs/George Romaine: Extinction Burst

A new disc from the world of Chris Riggs, featuring a brutal conceptual piece for guitar, drums, and piano.

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