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  • SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2022
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    8-10pm, 18+, $10 cover

    >>>>> LAST BUG INCISION SHOW OF 2022! <<<<<

    UPDATE as of noon on DEC 18 >>>>>>>
    SLIGHT TIMING CHANGE: The show will now run from 8-10PM with the two acts listed below

    It's been a fine year back in action after so few shows in 2020-21, and we're pleased to see that attendance and new faces are more prominent than ever at the High Line Brewing shows. Highlights of 2022 include Eugene Chadbourne's triumphant return to Calgary after one his longer absences, Jason Kahn's stop here on his epic North American tour, and of course Oren Ambarchi and crys cole in October. That is not to mention, of course, all the amazing local groups and first time meetings from Calgary players. Thanks to all who played and listened.

    A few years back, main Bug Incision operator Chris Dadge was asked to assemble a group for New Works Calgary festival performance at Festival Hall. The group was meant to represent Bug Incision as a whole in some way, so he opted to choose some of the longest-running and/or vibrant players the community had to offer. The group that eventually came together - Jiajia Li on flutes, Lydia Pineau on percussion and electronics, Jonathon Wilcke on reeds, and Nate Waters on reeds and electronics - played an improv-heavy composition by Dadge, but it was the totally free improvising that happened while they were warming up that may have been the most exciting fruits of this group. So, the reunion of this particular lineup will do just that.

    chrisdadge.com // jiajiamusic.com // natewaters.ca // artsncrafts.bandcamp.com

    A made-to-order new group from the minds of Cain Davis and his crew of co-conspirators, in this case Jesse Conradson, Matt Purdue, and Kale Van Reekum. Davis is a key member of a fertile sub-scene within the Bug Incision community which includes these other fine humans and few others. This crew is one of the more active and committed hubs of energy within Calgary's creative music scene, showing a wild disregard for conventional instrumentation and musicianship, but lacking no degree of seriousness or authenticity. The label and concert series that floats around them - Vocational Sound Company - has also provided another valuable outlet for the city's more adventurous minds. This set will see the quartet playing an electric guitar-only set, and is as usual destined to be a riveting and raucous ride.

    ++ between-set music provided by DJ Jeremy Curry

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Monicker: Libr'aerie

A trio of Scott Thomson (trombone), Arthur Bull (guitar), and Roger Turner (percussion) recorded live in concert.

Cryingsnice: All Greased Up For Nothin'

The debut studio recordings from Eric Hamelin (drums, percussion) and Chris Dadge (violin).

Collateral: s/t

A reissue of the tour-only disc from this killer trio featuring Sam Shalabi (guitar, oud), Norm Adams (cello), and Tim Crofts (piano). Recorded live in concert.

Emily Davis/Christopher Riggs/George Romaine: Extinction Burst

A new disc from the world of Chris Riggs, featuring a brutal conceptual piece for guitar, drums, and piano.

These four titles are available now via email or the Bug Incision Bandcamp.
See releases for full album descriptions.

Prices are as stated on Bandcamp page, ordering direct via email are in (USD) $8.00 each or $30.00 for all four, plus shipping, which is calculated upon receipt of order through email or as part of the Bandcamp checkout system.

All orders come with complete set of new Bug Incision bookmarks.


In January of this year, we began work on the Bug Incision Archives, which will round up all audio, video, & photo documentation, press coverage, and promotional materials relating to the Bug Incision Presents concert series, dating back to early 2006.

While this archive will undoubtedly result in some new documentation being available to the general public, the main goal is for it to be accessible to its participants (the artists and documenters) for their own uses, while also providing a thorough overview of the series' activities for internal purposes.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Bug Incision has a huge archive of materials in its possession currently, but there are holes all over the 14 year history, not to mention more and potentially better-quality iterations of existing event documentation. If you have any photos, videos, or audio recordings of Bug Incision Presents concerts, we would be very interested in getting our hands on them for inclusion in the archive.

For information on how to get us these media items, as well as information on privacy, credits, and more details about the planned usage of materials, please email: bugincision@gmail.com

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Re-print of 10th Anniversary Zine
2nd edition, 40 copies, $10 + shipping
bugincision@gmail.com to order

Limited supplies remain - if interested, please request with any order.