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  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2023
    High Line Brewing: 1318 9 Ave SE, Unit #113
    (access via Minh Chau parking lot off 9th Ave SE)
    7-10pm, 18+, $10 cover at the door, CASH ONLY


    Lydia Pineau mini-solo set

    Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Isaac Szeto is primarily known for his deep, evocative solo project Mythmaking, a project which has been known to hush room and immediately divert ears and eyes, with his lush baritone voice, patiently unfurling guitar parts, and beautiful, poignant songs. Szeto is also a fine improvisor, with a readily identifiable instrumental voice, and while working on his newest Mythmaking album at Child Stone Studios, it was decided that one of the songs required a passage of freely improvised music. So recently Szeto invited two of Calgary's finest improvisors to join him in the studio for some explorations of this idea. Jiajia Li is known to many in the city for her highly virtuosic flute playing, and general effervescence as a human being. Her band Ginger Beef is currently wrapping up their first record, and can frequently be seen in action with her role as director of the Calgary Chinese Orchestra. Multi-instrumentalist Nate Waters is one of the city's busiest musicians, partially due to his stunning capabilities on a range of instruments, including the entire rhythm section, most of the woodwind family, plus any & all manner of strange noises, which get him in the room, but it's his taste fertile imagination that allow him to stay there. He can be seen playing with the likes of Samantha Savage Smith, Ryan Bourne & The Plant City Band, Temps, Victrix, Bennett Mitchell, his own jazz trios and quartets working at places like Establishment Brewing and The Eden, and also his own art-damaged indie rock quartet Eye of Newt.


    Visual artist and musician Matthew Springer has become one of the brighter lights of the Calgary scene over the last few years, both due to his eye-popping work in the work of illustration, photography, and also his ferocious, no-holds-barred music-making activities, notably his project Radioactive Vampire Teeth, with fellow noise-provocateur Pajamas Concrete. To date, his project known as The Phanerozoic Eon has been a recording project, so far yielding one star-studded collective offering, and this will be the first time the ensemble performs live. A few words about the project:

    The Phanerozoic Eon is a Calgary based free improvisational collective formed by Matthew Springer in the summer of 2022.

    Performing will be Springer, Lydia Pineau, Christina Masha, Jason Philip Wierzba, Pajamas Concrete, Braxton Koshman, Mantis Mei, and Alec Brilling.

    It is an interchangeable and diverse group of musicians that explores sonic frequencies and textures through recorded sessions and performances.

    Anyone can join and become a member of the group. 


    We are very excited to be welcoming back the duo of Jesse Locke and Jeremy Curry to the Bug Incision stages. Both longtime supporters of the Bug Incision universe, the last time these played at the series was May of 2011 when they appeared as Garf-Jovi. Exactly what that sounded like may be lost to the sands of time (although the Bug Incision Archives contains extensive documentation), but that's OK, because they're working in a new formation this evening. A few words from Sorcerers:

    Bug Incision’s resident DJ Jeremy Curry reunites with Calgary expat music journalist and drummer Jesse Locke (Tough Age, Big Rig, Motorists, Chandra, Simply Saucer, Dirty Beaches, etc) for their debut performance as Sorcerers. Combining instrumental improvisation with electronic soundscaping and general tomfoolery, even Curry and Locke are unsure what to expect. Like a truck transporting dangerous chemicals down a jungle mountain trail, the only wages worth running for are the wages of fear.


    And, as an added treat for the evening, Lydia Pineau of the The Phanerozoic Eon will open the night with a short set of solo drumming. Lydia's been making all sorts of excellent, strange music in Calgary for the last little while, she's been a valuable member of local ensembles (including Circular Sparrow with Li, Waters, Jonathon Wilcke, and Chris Dadge), and has tons of interesting music out under her Arts&Crafts moniker.


    ++ between-set music provided by DJ Jeremy Curry

Monicker: Libr'aerie

A trio of Scott Thomson (trombone), Arthur Bull (guitar), and Roger Turner (percussion) recorded live in concert.

Cryingsnice: All Greased Up For Nothin'

The debut studio recordings from Eric Hamelin (drums, percussion) and Chris Dadge (violin).

Collateral: s/t

A reissue of the tour-only disc from this killer trio featuring Sam Shalabi (guitar, oud), Norm Adams (cello), and Tim Crofts (piano). Recorded live in concert.

Emily Davis/Christopher Riggs/George Romaine: Extinction Burst

A new disc from the world of Chris Riggs, featuring a brutal conceptual piece for guitar, drums, and piano.

These four titles are available now via email or the Bug Incision Bandcamp.
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Prices are as stated on Bandcamp page, ordering direct via email are in (USD) $8.00 each or $30.00 for all four, plus shipping, which is calculated upon receipt of order through email or as part of the Bandcamp checkout system.

All orders come with complete set of new Bug Incision bookmarks.


In January of this year, we began work on the Bug Incision Archives, which will round up all audio, video, & photo documentation, press coverage, and promotional materials relating to the Bug Incision Presents concert series, dating back to early 2006.

While this archive will undoubtedly result in some new documentation being available to the general public, the main goal is for it to be accessible to its participants (the artists and documenters) for their own uses, while also providing a thorough overview of the series' activities for internal purposes.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Bug Incision has a huge archive of materials in its possession currently, but there are holes all over the 14 year history, not to mention more and potentially better-quality iterations of existing event documentation. If you have any photos, videos, or audio recordings of Bug Incision Presents concerts, we would be very interested in getting our hands on them for inclusion in the archive.

For information on how to get us these media items, as well as information on privacy, credits, and more details about the planned usage of materials, please email: bugincision@gmail.com

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Re-print of 10th Anniversary Zine
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