2008 events:

  • January 11 @ Theatre Junction Rehearsal Space @ The Grand. 9PM - 11PM. Bent Spoon Trio w/ Thom Golub + guests. Cover by donation. Ship & Anchor bar service. Part of Bug Incision/Theatre Junction Improvisation series. 
  • February 1 - Peter Evans & Chris Dadge + Scott Munro @ Cantos Music Foundation. 134-11th Avenue SE. 9PM - 11PM. Cover by donation. Part of Bug Incision/Theatre Junction Improvisation series.
  • March 28 - Aaron Leaney 3 + Meichel VS Moller @ Cantos Music Foundation. 134-11th Avenue SE. 9PM � 11PM. Cover by donation. Part of Bug Incision/Theatre Junction Improvisation series.
  • April 25 - No More Shapes + Moller/Oliver/Pisio @ Theatre Junction Rehearsal Space @ The Grand. 9PM - 11PM. Cover by donation.
  • July 5 - Musk Cup + Cousin Brothers + David Laing @ Emmedia, Sets at 9, 10, 11, $7 cover
  • August 8, 2008:
    Aural Portraits @ Plaza Theatre in Kensington
    The audible drawings of Kiarra Albina, Eric Hamelin, and Sam Walrod will be accompanied by the music of Jay Crocker, Chris Dadge, Scott Munro, and Cody Oliver.
    part of the Summerwood Warren Choose Yer Own Festival
  • August 28 + 29, 2008:
    Bug Incision End of August Festival @ Emmedia
    Two nights of activity featuring the release of the debut Fleischhaker-Munro cd-r, Bent Spoon Trio with a choir + Thom Golub, Mike Wallace (drummer for Women + Azeda Booth) solo
    Doors at 8:30pm, music starts at 9:00pm
    $7 cover, lisenced, first 10 people each night receive limited release
    • AUG 28: Jazz Snob:Eat Shit, Elliott/Golub Duo, Bent Spoon Quartet with Whistleburn Choir.
    • AUG 29: Mike Wallace solo, Used Carl (Crocker, Hamelin, McGregor), Fleischhaker-Munro
  • September 4, 2008 @ Cantos
      Myke Atkinson uses this moniker as his vehicle for dense, vibrating layers of guitar sound. In a live setting, you find yourself immersed in his world. His latest recording project is a set of discs made to played in any order and combination, suavely avoiding the synchronization problem as he goes. Not to be missed, as always.
      Chris Dadge and Scott Munro comprise two thirds of the Bent Spoo Trio. As a pair, they have created their own language, using a variety of instruments and approaches. They've shared the stage with Jay Crocker, Peter Evans, Rachael Wadham, and various others. They have released released two volumes of live recordings on Bug Incision.
  • October 5, 2008 @ Cantos
      Since the release of their 2005 album Humming & Crackling, multi-instrumentalists Jay Crocker and Chris Dadge have mostly played together as Jay's solo project; as well as in the odd improv setting, they also play together in Ryan Bourne's brand new band. This is their improvised duo music, three years down the line.
      http://www.jaycrocker.com / http://www.geocities.com/chris_dadge
      A collaboration between tokyosexwhale (Lyle Pisio, Dan Meichel, Mark Dicey, playing all manner of drums, saxes, and junk), one of Calgary's finest and longest-running free trios, and Calgary multi-media artist Brendan French. "As always, [we are] dealing much with chance, so we have no idea what you will see or hear. Always looking for surprises in our explorations."