2009 events:

  • January 14, 2009: Bug Incision Improv Nights At Soda (211 12th Ave SW)
    • Bent Spoon Duo (chris dadge + scott munro)
    • MOP Trio (Peter Moller, Cody Oliver, Lyle Pisio)
    • Matt Doherty Trio (w/ kevin sullivan + ben comau)
    • Doors at 8.00PM, sets at 8.30, 9.30, 10.30, $5 cover
  • January 29, 2009: Bug Radio on CJSW
    • Bug Incision Chamber Ensemble
      • Live recording and broadcast on CJSW 90.9FM in Calgary (www.cjsw.com)
      • Inlcudes: Jay Crocker (acoustic guitar, banjo), Cody Oliver (acoustic guitar), Dan Meichel (tenor & soprano saxes, alto flute, bass clarinet), Lyle Pisio (trumpet), Jeff McGregor (alto sax, clarinet), Chris Dadge (violin, trumpet), Eric Hamelin (cello)
  • Two Slices of Acoustic Car (Mats Gustafsson & Christian Munthe) with Raw Kites (Shane Krause & Chris Dadge)
    • Each duo plays alone (Raw Kites, then Two Slices) then together
    • Sunday, February 8th, 2009 at 8pm
      440 Pender Street W. (Vancouver)
      (backdoor entrance)
    • 1) Raw Kites is the improvising duo of Calgary-based percussionist Chris Dadge and Vancouverite Baritone Saxophonist/Clarinettist Shane Krause.

      Chris and Shane first played together in the trio Hidden Fortress with Edmonton-based Bassist Thom Golub and have toured supporting NY Trumpet Whiz Peter Evans.
      A new CDR release on Chris' Bug Incision Records entitled "I can see the light, I just can't feel it' will be available at the show featuring recordings from that tour.

      2) Two Slices of Acoustic Car is the Swedish improvising duo of Saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and Acoustic Guitarist Christian Munthe.

      Formed in 1986 as Two Slices of Electric Car, this duo has been around since the emergence of Free Improvisation in Sweden and were represented on the first document in the Swedish scene; the Blue Tower double LP "Sounds: contemporary Swedish improvised music.".  The group's name changed with Christian's change of focus to the Acoustic guitar.  Mats is a member of The Thing, The Peter Brotzmann Tentet, and Sonore and has played with everyone from Evan Parker to Sonic Youth and Merzbow.

      Christian has collaborated in concerts and recordings with, amongst others, Eugene Chadbourne, Gunter Christmann, Paul Lovens, Paul Lytton, Phil Minton, Sten Sandell, Raymond Strid, Roger Turner, and Phil Wachsmann.

      3) Quartet

      Two plus två equals four. (Four Slices of Acoustic Kite)


  • February 18, 2009: Bug Incision Improv Nights At Soda (211 12th Ave SW)
    • Spare Parts
      • Alan Briks (a new face in the Bug Incision yearbook, player of a variety of harmonicas) will join Chris Dadge (from Bent Spoon, Jay Crocker, etc) on percussion, violin, and other sundries, and Dan Meichel (from Musk Cup, Street of Crocodiles, etc) on reeds. Dadge & Meichel have clocked time together and worked extensively as a duo. Neither of them has played with Briks.
    • Jay Crocker
      • Crocker has spent the last year with a soldering iron. He's been bending and building his own pedals, and expoliting their effects alongside tape loops and abstracted guitar noise. Watch him in the company of his creations, including the Cock-a-ton, Skin Cream, and the Pink Dolphin.
    • Simeon Abbott
      • Simeon Abbott is a pianist/guitarist working primarily in the fields of jazz, free improv, and popular music. Currently, seperate duos with Aaron Leaney and Colin Fisher have provided the platform for him to develop prepared guitar techniques somewhat akin to the work of Fred Frith or Keith Rowe. The use of preparations (tape, clips, bows, skewers, knitting needles, electronics) and extended techniques on the instrument yields a high potential for manifold timbres. His impetus for exploring the prepared guitar was a fascination with the relationships between musical language (idiom), the instrument, and improvisation. In addition to the performance based duos, a new album of solo prepared guitar improvisations is set for release this spring.

  • February 26, 2008: Bug Radio on CJSW 90.9FM
    • dadge + oliver played together at the very first bug incision monthly series concert in july 2006. their sensibilities aligned quickly, both with a penchant for playing standard instruments in unusual ways, and also having a secret love for the improvising possibilities of the violin.

      oliver is a guitarist known for his recent work with Chinpira (a ferocious/ridiculous - a compliment, to sure - duo with dan meichel) and MOP (an anything-goes pan-improv trio with peter moller and lyle pisio). he has also released music under the House Leek Audio and Noise Miniatures imprints.

      dadge is a percussionist/multi-instrumentalist. based in calgary, he has worked extensively with scott munro (Bent Spoon Duo and Musk Cup), shane krause, dan meichel, and jay crocker, and has also played with peter evans, mats gustafsson, nels cline, chrisian munthe, jesse zubot, and others. he runs bug incision concerts and records.

      tune in thursday, feb. 26, CJSW 90.9, at 9:00pm MST, or www.cjsw.com

  • March 18, 2009: Bug Incision Improv Nights At Soda
    • nR - Solo vehicle for Aaron Sereda of Cousin Brothers.
    • Dadge/McGregor Duo
      • Drumset and alto sax improvisations from a duo with a long playing history. The pair first debuted at the Owl's Nest in 2006, under trying circumstances. This one will not be so necessity-based.
    • Hamelin & Meichel play the music of Steve Lacy
      • The lovely Eric Hamelin (drummer, percussionist, cellist for acts such as Nomoreshapes and Chad VG) teams up with Danny "Maniel" Meichel (reedsman for outfits like the Musk Cup, Street of Crocodiles, JS:ES, Jay Crocker) to re-work the material of Steve Lacy, Coltrane, and whatever else
  • March 31 - MARDI SPAGHETTI - Dadge, Crocker, Munro & Jarvis Gordon Allen
    • Le Cagibi, 5490 St. Laurent, Montreal

  • April 5, 2009 - LAMBCHOPS with CHRIS DADGE

    • Lamp Chops is the Toronto-based free improv duo of Simeon Abbott (electric guitar). and Colin Fisher (guzheng). Their performances are inspired by a fascination with the relationships between musical language (idiom), the instrument, and improvisation. The use of preparations (tape, clips, bows, skewers, knitting needles, electronics) and extended techniques on the instruments yields a high potential for manifold timbres; sounds both strikingly similar (deemed “indistinguishable” by some audience members) and disparate.

      Percussionist Chris Dadge is a well known purveyor of improvised music events in Calgary and area. In addition to recording solo improvisations, collages, releasing records and overseeing Bug Incision Records activities, he finds time to play and record in a dizzying array of local bands and regional improv groups. Currently playing/played with: Bent Spoon Trio, The Musk Cup, solo, Peter Evans, Rachael Wadham, Jay Crocker, more; his music ranges from cerebral calm to dizzying density.

      This event will take place at 8pm sharp.

      One set of music only, but come earlier (6pm) to catch Jeremy Strachan's residency at Somewhere There.


  • April 6, 2009 - ABBOTT/DADGE/PAYNE + SEGGER/SEGGER @ Tequila Bookworm (512 Queen W)
    • The ad hoc trio of Simeon Abbott (Toronto-based improvisor, composer, playing prepared guitar), Chris Dadge (from Calgary, of Bug Incision, percussion), and David Payne (Hamilton, of Fossils, many and various collabs, multi-instruments)
    • Mark Segger & Heather Segger is an improvising duo comprised of drums and trombone
  • April 15, 2009: Bug Incision Improv Nights At Soda (211 12th ave sw, 8:00 doors, 8:30-11:30pm, $5)
    • RDC: This is the working name for Peter Redecopp, who is one of the men behind the Discord scene, and a prolific solo artist. RDC is an open-form approach to playing noise, and its form is constantly shifting. Redecopp has embraced strains of music concrete, circuit-bending, and more recently, synths, masterfully showcased on the recent self-released cassette As It Was.
    • Schuurman-Wilson Duo: Jzero Schuurman is a veritable man-about-town, playing in acts such as Lucid 44, Gutterawl, Jane Vain, and leading his own project, Psychic Pollution. His breadth is wide, but on this night he'll be performing improvisations with drummer Dan Wilson, who's recently resurfaced on in the Calgary scene.
    • The Midnighties: The duo of Chris Dadge (un/amplified percussion, etc) and Cody Oliver (guitar, etc), fresh from their recent radio performance.
  • May 7 @ Cantos: Haynes/Driver/Martin with BSD + CVG
    • Justin Haynes, Jean Martin, and Ryan Driver are prominent figures of Toronto's experimental music scene. Their current trio project is am offshoot of the recently released Freedman album on which Haynes and Martin play the music of Toronto songsmith Myk Freedman whose music is normally performed by his St. Dirt Elementary School, an eight-piece jazz orchestra. Haynes and Martin, however, choose to interpret these quirky and haunting ditties on 2 decidely humble instruments: the ukelel and the suitcase. The interpretations are not strict readings, but rather loose improvisatory renderings filled with inventive interplay and delightfulness. This album has received much acclaim. To round out the bottom end of this trio for their current tour, they have added Ryan Driver to play a bristle from a street sweeper. The metal tine, one of many which can be found in many city streets by anyone who might care to glance down from time to time, acts as a fretless bass by being plucked on the edge of a table which is amplified by a contact microphone through a bass amplifier. www.barnyardrecords.com
    • BSD + CVG is the Bent Spoon Duo (Chris Dadge and Scott Munro) with guest Chad van Gaalen. Chad VG will bring some of his circuitbent junk and whatnot to add to the BSD's personalized mixture of strings, sampling keyboards, electronics, percussion, and vocals. BSD has a new tape coming out soon, also. myspace.com/bentspoontrio / flemisheye.com
  • June 6 - co-presentation with DISCORD @ Emmedia (351 - 11 Ave. SW. #203)
    Totally Ripped & Sex Negatives

    w/ The Midnighties and RDC
    • Totally Ripped and Sex Negatives are two great bands from Vancouver. TR features some of the folks behind not only Isolated Now Waves, an excellent limited odd-format label, but also Calgary favourites Shearing Pinx, but also the great Fake Jazz Wednesdays series at the Cobalt in Vancouver, which has hosted many great acts from Calgary on many occasions. The music is a tough one to describe, I suggest checking out the tracks on myspace, or listen to CJSW's Noise program this Thursday (June 4) at 9:00-10:30pm (90.9FM). Less is known about SN, but their music sounds suitably searing, as well. They'll be reaching the end of a rather lengthy tour, so they should be good to go. The evening will be rounded out by the excellent RDC (Pete Redecopp's nom de plume) and the Midnighties (Chris Dadge and Cody Oliver's scrape and zing).
      • http://www.myspace.com/miasmamiasma
      • http://www.myspace.com/sexnegatives
      • http://www.myspace.com/ptrdc
  • June 10 @ Weed's Cafe, back room (1903 20th ave nw)
    • Aaron Leaney solo (8pm)
    • Peter Moller/Robin Tufts duo (9pm)

  • Bug Incision and the Calgary Jazz Festival announce two nights with Toronto’s Eric Chenaux, on June 25 and 26 at Emmedia

    Guitarist and vocalist Eric Chenaux is a fixture in Toronto’s creative music community, playing warped jazz standards with the Reveries, ensemble-led jazz with Drumheller, cracked country with Michelle McAdorey, “fried improvised polyphony” with the Draperies, and running Rat-Drifting records, home to many of the finest releases to come out of the city in recent years.

    As a solo artist, Chenaux has released two marvelous albums on Montreal’s Constellation records, Dull Lights and Sloppy Ground, and, according to the label, “Chenaux’s songs begin as singular vocal lines and become thorny with his elastic and mouthy guitar playing.” Sloppy Ground was listed as one of The Wire magazine’s top 50 albums of 2008, and Tiny Mix Tapes said of Dull Lights, “Chenaux is just as comfortable turning twang into disjointed sounds as he is touching upon old tyme Scottish folk.”

    June 25 will see Eric Chenaux on guitar, sharing the stage with Calgary’s Bent Spoon Duo, comprised of Chris Dadge and Scott Munro. The three played together in Toronto in 2008, and are looking forward to another set of warped improvised music. Jay Crocker will open the evening.

    June 26 showcases Chenaux’s songs from the Constellation albums, peformed on guitar and vocals. This a rare treat from a great talent who does not get out west too often. The duo of Aaron Leaney and Chris Dadge will open the evening.

  • Thursday, June 25 and Friday, June 26 - Doors at 8.30pm, show at 9.30pm.
    Emmedia Screening Room (#203, 351 11 Ave SW)
    Tickets $10 in advance from www.calgaryjazz.com or 403.802.4008, $12 at the door

    Contact: bugincision@hotmail.com

    KATHRYN LADANO + chris dadge + rebecca bruton + scott munro - 9pm

    Kathryn Ladano is a bass clarinetist based in Waterloo, Ontario, where she is heavily involved in the improv and creative music scenes, having founded the Kitchener-Waterloo Improvisors Collective. She studied with Lori Freedman, and has performed with the cream of Canada's improv communities, including Leftover Daylight and NOW in Toronto, Nach Hause in Calgary (Bug Incision's father), and has done her thing in Holland, representing Canada in the 2005 bass clarinet convention. She's played in Calgary more recently with a group including Dadge, Munro, and Simeon Abbott.

    Chris Dadge plays percussion and is currently working with Jay Crocker, A Relative Distance, Thighs, Phil Withers, Raw Kites, and others. Rebecca Bruton is a violinist, originally from Calgary, currently playing and studying in Toronto; she's played with folks such as Matt Brubeck and Casey Sokol. Scott Munro is a multi-instrumentalist improvisor, based in Calgary, who plays with Chad van Gaalen, Gunther, Jay Crocker, Ghostkeeper, etc. Dadge and Munro also have played for many years as the Bent Spoon Duo or Trio, collaborating Eric Chenaux, Peter Evans, van Gaalen, Gordon Allen, and others.



    Jay Crocker and Eric Hamelin will comprise a duo version of NMS for this evening. Crocker has been busy for the last year, recording and producing records for Ghostkeeper, Ian Jarvis, Phil Withers, Ryan Bourne, as well as his finishing up his latest, Turned To Giants, which will be released by September of this year. He's also been developing a personlized approach to improvisation, using recordings of himself and banks of homemade electronics. This activity can be heard on his Bug Incision release Joachim on Eggshells, which is currently in its second, and probably last pressing. Hamelin is keeping busy, as always, holding down the drum chair for Chad van Gaalen, and taking his fine self all over Europe and Canada to do so.


    Simeon Abbott/Chris Dadge duo (9pm)
    Abbott and Dadge go way back. They've fallen alseep on the same floor, listening to Bob Brookmeyer recordings at eight o'clock in the morning. They've played together live with David Payne of Fossils, Mark and Heather Segger, Colin Fisher (in Abbott's group Lamp Chops), We & The Sea, and Jay Crocker.

    Simeon Abbott is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentlist musician, composer, and improvisor. In the past number of years, he's been exploring the sonic potential of the prepared electric guitar, following in the footpaths laid down by such heroes as Fred Frith, Keith Rowe, and Teutuzi Akiyama. He uses wooden dowels, knitting needles, scrap metal, clips, and the like to produce sounds that fall well outside the normally accepted limits of the guitar. Abbott has been exploring this notion in depth with his duo Lamp Chops (with Colin Fisher, debut cdr due out this summer on Bug Incision). He's also plays with Paul Linklater & His Murmerers, the Danielle Duval band, and Cat Fur Omelette, his song-based solo project. Says Glen Hall in Exclaim! of his recent solo album: "...keen awareness of dynamic variation and his inventive repetitive versus non-repetitive rhythmic motifs, which hold the listener's attention. Recommended." (www.reverbnation.com/simeonabbott)

    Chris Dadge is based in Calgary, and plays drums and percussion, as well as a smattering of other instruments, if need be. As an improvisor, Dadge's interests parallel those of Abbott; finding fresh sounds and approaches on traditional instruments has afforded a wealth of unique playing. Dadge plays with Bent Spoon Duo (with Scott Munro), Jay Crocker, A Relative Distance, Thighs, and writes for and plays in Phil Withers, a song-based band. He's also collaborated with Eric Chenaux, Peter Evans, Mats Gustafsson, Ava Mendoza, Christian Munthe, Snailhouse, and Chad van Gaalen. (www.bugincision.com/chrisdadge)

    Super Deluxe Gas Jockey (8pm)
    This is the latest formation of the intrepid musicians (each of whom also produces excellent results in other art forms) who have collectively made up the ranks of tokyosexwhale, scum de terre, Booklilydeadposie, tomato tomato, and Street of Crocodiles. These are people who have been contributing the local creative music for a long time.

    Mark Dicey plays a variety of official and unofficial percussion items, generally creating a wild, visceral array of sounds and gestures. Lyle Pisio is a multi-instrumental improvisor who has been seen playing the alto saxophone, trumpet, and upright bass, depending on how he feels. Janet Turner has a way of integrating her vocals into an improvised melange in so that you come out of the venue later that night with her cryptic, half-sung/half-moaned couplets swimming around your mind, even if you didn't notice it during the set.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009
    Weeds - 1903 20th ave nw
    Sets at 8pm and 9pm SHARP
    Pay what you can

  • August 14 + 15 - Eugene Chadbourne 2 nights @ Emmedia - workshop & two shows
  • September 22 @ Weeds - 7:30pm

    Nilan Perera has been a consistent presence in the Canadian improvised music scene since 1983. He has performed and recorded with Evan Parker, John Butcher, William Parker, Jandek, David Toop, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Eddie Prevost, and Michael Ondaatje, among many others. He also has worked extensively with multi-disciplinary artist Susanna Hood, and writes for Exclaim! magazine.

    Based in Toronto, Perera leads the experimental blues sextet 'holyblueghost', improvising drum/acoustic guitar country duo 'faint praise', electric improvising freefunk octet ‘rEDwIREaRCHaNGEL’, electroacoustic duo ‘Smash and Teeny’, and also performs frequently as a soloist and collaborator. He is on the board of directors of the Association for Improvising Musicians of Toronto (AIMToronto). Here's what some folks have said:

    "A genuinely powerful new voice on electric guitar."
    - Keith Moline, The Wire

    "One of the most extraordinary CDs to cross my path is guitarist Nilan Perera's Harmless Love."
    - Rene van Peer, Musicworks

    "Perera is an extraordinary musician whose approach to working with sound is always fascinating and mesmerizing: he utilizes preparations of assorted paraphernalia such as swizzle sticks, paper clips, metal brushes and the like, as well as feedback and a variety of electronic effects."
    - Sarah Peebles, hybridmagazine.com

    The Bent Spoon Duo (that's Chris Dadge and Scott Munro) has spent the better part of the last decade refining their approach to free improvisation. Taking that genre at face value, they play a restless, vaguely psychedelic melange of instruments and homemade sounds, but as one reviewer put it, "Regardless of what is actually used to make these charmingly odd vignettes, it’s fantastic music." Their recent string of releases, on Bug Incision, Holy Cheever Church, and Middle James Co, have been summed up as "superb psychic mindmeld." New recordings with Eric Chenaux will see the light of day by late 2009.

    Aaron Leaney has been back and forth between Calgary and Toronto for the last five years or so. He's here currently, furthering his approach to jazz-based improvisation and composition with solo playing, duos with Chris Dadge and others, and the Aaron Leaney Three, a vehicle for his tunes and three-way communication. Signal To Noise magazine said "Leaney has a garrulous, sing-song delivery that calls to mind a relaxed, less possessed Fred Anderson. He's a natural, like a furry moth at your window."

  • @ weeds (1903 20th ave nw - back room) 8:00-10:00pm, pay what you can
    • Oct 21: Jay Crocker & Chris Dadge solos & duo
    • November 11:
      Nomoreshapes is the bastardized jazz of Jay Crocker (guitar, electronics), Eric Hamelin (drums, percussion), and sometimes Simon Fisk (cello, electronics).

      Beneath These Idles Tides is Myke Atkinson, conjuring thicks slabs of sound from his guitar and whatnot.

      Free Nude Celebs is Jordan from Azeda Booth's solo project. Twisted songs and instrumentals, sure to be a wildcard on this night.

  • December 8, 2009
    Bent Spoon Duo on WFMU (The Long Rally with Scott McDowell)
    6:00am-9:00am EST

  • @ weeds (1903 20th ave nw - back room) 8:00-10:00pm, pay what you can
    • Dec 9 - Dagde/Fleischhaker/Munro + Carlos Najar

  • Dec 23 - Simeon Abbott & Friends @ Weeds
    • feat. Jeff Mcgregor, Chris Dadge, Aaron Leaney, Karl Leung, Brigitte Dajczer, Lyle Pisio, Eric Hamelin
    • 1903 20th Ave NW / 8-10PM sharp / pay what you can